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Down days

I'm dwelling on life today, because I think I'm 19, have literally no money, can't afford nice holidays away with my friends, festivals, travelling all that fun teenage stuff and to top it off I can't even drive. Do you ever just evaluate your life and think, I've actually fucked up along the line somewhere. I've always worked but never really saved and now at uni money is even tighter, but it seems my friends get to go all these amazing places and it makes me sad, because I think, when I eventually earn good money I would have missed out on all these opportunities and memories and most importantly I won't be young again.

Its stupid isn't it, how as teenagers we are made to feel like this. I already feel I've gone wrong at 19, NINETEEN. That's not right at all. I work so hard, I'm so ambitious but I feel I miss out on so much due to one object, money. Why should money make us happy? Sadly we live in a society where money is everything.

I remember being 16 and having so many dreams. Dreams of dressing nice at 18/19, spending a summer travelling, going to festivals and concerts, visiting different places.

We shouldn't have to feel like this. I will continue working as hard as possible but I don't want to live a life feeling I've missed out on everything.

Don't know if anyone else has ever felt like this?


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