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Girls we are exhausting

As a girl you get extremely exhausted constantly comparing yourself to other girls, hating on your reflection and just feeling down. I've wasted 19 years of my life forever fretting about my appearance and I've decided today I'm sick of doing it. I can't help my eyebrows aren't on fleek, that I have a naturally round face, that I'm pale. As girls we need to stop concentrating on our looks and just embrace them. THIS IS THE BEST WE ARE EVER GONNA LOOK, we are young for crying out loud.

I'm exhausted of not being happy with myself, seeing every individual flaw and I know I drive people crazy because I constantly complain when there are bigger things in life to worry about. I hate how society makes us feel this way. I'm comparing myself to models on instagram, models that have ridiculous filters and photo shop edits, models that know how to pose for a camera, its their job for crying out loud.

As girls we need to embrace who we are and stop wasting so much time. Its draining, its so physically draining not loving who you are, I almost feel bad for my face and body, I speak so much negativity about them, why can't I just learn to love them.

I've decided I'm really going to try and stop focusing on the way I look, stop losing my mind over every little detail. 

Let me know if any of you ever feel like this or do on a daily basis.

Remember I am always ALWAYS here to talk to anyone x

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