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Primark OOTD

OK, I am never a huge fan of primarni as nothing ever fits me and goes baggy after a day and I'm just not about that life. HOWEVER. Recently they have been rocking it (couldn't think of another word) but I've been finding so many things I love recently and THAT FIT. Some of them will feature in my video I put up tomorrow so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that. 

So my two favourite colours at the moment consist of Olive Green and baby pink, I'm utterly obsessed, which is weird for someone who has dressed in black head to toe for the last few years. But I've grown to love these colours so much. So last month I saw this really pretty wrap front playsuit in primark and I instantly had to try it on, although I knew it would be gods gift if they had my size AND THEY DID. Lets be honest Primark sizes are a joke, sometimes you will get a size 8 and it will be meant for a size 16 and sometimes you'll get a 6 and its a bloody size 0. Constantly up and down. But luckily this fits perfectly, its always rare to find a size 6 lurking in Primark, its always just 16+ left. NOT GREAT.

I instantly thought this play suit would be perfect for summer. One you can be super casual in with a pair of sandals or dress it up with boots. I think its such a good quality dress for Primark and it was only £12, bargain. 

The wrap over is so pretty and the neck line is not too low cut which is another bonus. The back has a zip all the way to the top so the dress is quite fitting, depending on the size you get. However how the hell do you undo a zip that goes all the way up to your hair line if your on your own, LIKE HOW. Why do they not think of these things. So sadly ladies, this isn't a solo dress.

Let me know if you've picked up any summer bargains from primarni x


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