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Summer OOTD

Summer is here!

Now I'm the sort of person who gets cold easily and then very hot, literally no in-between, so I never know how to dress in the summer. So I thought I would play it safe and wear jeans and a crop top.

High waisted Joni jeans Topshop 

Striped crop top, Topshop

Black sandals, Newlook

I have decided to start doing more OOTD'S, only issue I am no where near a good model or the slightest photogenic, so I do apologise about me in these images. 

I highly recommend Topshop jeans, I constantly rave about them. Last year my hype was ripped jeans, this year I'm not a fan of the rips and instead of black I went for a blue pair. These are perfect for summer and go with everything. I always find with black jeans you can look over dressed sometimes, but with blue you can dress them up or be super casual. I paid £36 for these and honestly if you want jeans that fit you dead on and compliment your figure, go for these. I'm not a huge fan of jeans that sit on your waist, I prefer high waisted as I feel they are more complimenting.

My striped crop top is a square neck which I'm quite a fan of this year, not so much last year, but as your grow older you learn to feel more comfortable with your body. I used to hate showing my stomach, hence why I wore high waisted jeans and a top tucked in. I've learnt that your not young forever and should be proud of who you are, no matter how you look or your size. Wow that got deep. 
I purchased this top last year I think and it was only £12. Striped tops go with pretty much anything and the square neck makes it more quirky and just perfect with high waisted jeans.

My sandals are from Newlook, (as usual). I struggle every year with finding the perfect black sandals and being a uni student, don't exactly have the funds to purchase good ones. I always end up over wearing them and the straps break or the heel is too high or low, haven't found a perfect pair yet, but I certainly have a type. So just went with these basic black sandals with a small heel, so far they are good but not too comfy with long distances. I paid £15.99. 

*****Finally, if you have the opportunity on a nice day to go out, do it!!, grab a camera and start blogging, I've never looked back since******

Hope you all have a lush weekend 



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