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What first year of uni has taught me?

- To stop caring what other people think. I was terrified people would find out I had a blog, why should that be a bad thing, to do something you enjoy? I was criticised for doing something I loved and was passionate about. Don't let people stop you from doing something you love. My next goal is to do youtube, its something I love watching, I love making videos and I want to make documentaries when I'm older. Whats stopping me? People, people's views. I want to go through a phase of my life where my appearance or what I do doesn't need to be spoken about by others. I've realised not everyone is going to like you in this world. So this summer I will re start youtube.
- Flatmates aren't always going to be your best friends or fave people. You will be extremely close in the first few months, they are like a comfort blanket. BUT, people change and we grow apart, you will realise you are actually very different, you will find your friendship groups, but they will always be there to have your back and hey your not going to get on with all 7 of them and you don't have to.

- Money doesn't grow on trees, growing up is extremely difficult. Suddenly you are arranging doctors appts by yourself, having to pay for prescriptions and don't have mum there to hold your hand. Its daunting. I hated speaking on the phone before uni, I have so much anxiety with phone calls, I don't even know what it is, maybe the fact I don't know who it is, what they expect from me. GOD HATED IT. Don't know if any of you suffer from this? But recently I've had to do it myself, constant doc appts, housing views and do you know what? I felt like I've overcome it. Even my interview the other day I felt confident for once. Be positive, and think whats the worse that can happen?

- You have to look after your body, you will actually miss mum nagging you to eat your greens or at least one piece of fruit a day. FRUIT AND VEG is expensive!! So be prepared for budgeting your gonna need it. Try and be healthy, your nearly 20, no more nagging from mum.

- You might meet someone at uni who completely changes your outlook on the opposite sex. I think having a relationship at uni is healthy. I think any distance works, depends on the people involved. Your gonna realise uni is a lot like school, people have views. Don't let that distract you.

- Finally go out and achieve your dreams. Work hard on your assignments. Lecturers are quite lazy, be warned. They aren't like teachers chasing you for coursework, its about independence.

If you need any advice about uni please message me or leave a comment below. Good luck in your futures.


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