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A guide to holidaying in Portugal?

Hello, feels a while since I last posted. I do apologise!! Blogging has always been my hobby and sometimes I either have no content to post or I'm away.. which has been the case. I thought today I would share with you a kinda travel diary around Portugal. For those of you who've followed this blog for a while you will know Portugal is one of my favourite places to visit and this year I was very lucky to go with my boyfriend.

I didn't even expect a holiday this year as being a student, funds aren't too high so I wasn't expecting a holiday at all, but my nan paid for me to come and stay with her in Portugal and allowed me to bring my boyfriend, so that saved me money as I didn't have to find and pay to stay somewhere. 

I took 130 euros for the week, but didn't really need this amount as I spent most nights eating at my nans, so therefore I spent a total of 60 which isn't too shabby..

My nan and grandad live in Aljezur, a quieter town but not too quiet and not that far away from major attractions. A week is never long enough for a holiday, two weeks is always good, but flights to Portugal this year are so expensive! So if you are planning on going I would book now.

So I'm going to make a guide on some of the places we went and recommendations if you are travelling to the Algarve region this summer.

Faro airport

Now whether your arriving or departing at Faro, be prepared for the prices of food. I paid 11 euros for a panini and coke at Costa, I mean how much of a joke is that. Its VERY pricey and hot. I would also recommend on the flight to Portugal wear something light as when you get off the plane the heat will hit you, no matter what time you are going. So be prepared for that. 

                    Praia do Monte ClĂ©rigo

One of my favourite beaches to visit is the beautiful Praia do Monte Clerigo. A beautiful little village about ten minutes drive from my nan's and over 45 to walk. This village is so picturesque with some of the most amazing views. I instantly thought of a look book styled video which I included in my latest video so make sure to check that out. This village is full of beautiful bright coloured houses and sea front views. Its pretty damn hot so I would highly recommend taking a hat and an umbrella as there isn't that much shade on the beach. Beside that there are two restaurants, one is more of a cafe and the other does amazing lunches. However, this year I only stopped off for an ice cream. This beach doesn't get too packed so if you are looking for a quiet one, then this is the one for you, just be aware that these are surfer beaches, so the sea is pretty rough, ok for paddling but Portugal has extremely rough seas. 


Lagos is one of my favourite towns to visit, however the heat is always too much for me, no matter what I wear I always end up wanting to strip off and cry in a corner because its too hot. The best time to go to this town is in the evening because there is literally no air, its just a major heat spot. However its a very beautiful harbour town with a sea front view. There is a beach which is usually very packed, again with no shelter from the sun. My favourite part of this town is the community and atmosphere. There are plenty of cheap bars and restaurants to visit as well as amazing ice cream parlours and if you fancy getting knock of items theres a whole strips down the promenade for that. 


Ok, if you are worried about what to order in Portugal, you cannot and I mean CANNOT go wrong with chicken and chips. I don't know what they do to the chicken to make it taste so good or the chips but all I can say is, you won't have tasted anything in England like it. 

Another thing I recommend is Portuguese baguettes. They have the nicest tasting meat ever, but the bread is even better. I am not a fan of Portuguese bread, it has a weird taste but the crusty loafs and baguettes are a way to my heart. For lunch you can get a chicken baguette and chips and just try it and then tell me it was amazing.

Finally, I don't really order anything but chicken when I'm in Portugal. But, if you see a pizzeria, go to it. I'm not the biggest fan of pizza apart from dominos, nothing ever lives up to dominos, but I went to the most amazing pizzeria ever in Aljezur, it was so good, I ended up going twice in a week. I don't know what it is with Portuguese food but I swear everything tastes good. The pizza's were super affordable and super tasty. 

Aqua Land

Now the heat is Portugal can get pretty unbearable and being at the beach isn't always the thing you wanna do everyday. So Portugal does tend to have a lot of water parks, which I would recommend going to, however do your research, which is what I did and saved me a lot of money. Usually you will pay about 30 euros each, however at the airport you know those annoying people handing out leaflets for attractions? GRAB ONE, I mean it. I was lucky enough to pick up a voucher for the water park which meant I got 2 for the price of 1. So this came to £22, for two, which is really good. Again like any attraction abroad, food is expensive, I would advise taking your own to avoid wasting money. Also be very and I mean VERY weary of lockers. I wasn't sure how the whole process worked and I later realised your key can open anyones locker? Which seems very pointless so be aware of that and don't take valuables. 

If you're an animal lover like me, Portugal might not be the best for you as you will find a lot of abandoned animals. Luckily in the town my nan lives in, a lot of them are adopted. Portuguese don't care for their animals that well and you will find a lot of strays. You will also find they let their dogs wander everywhere. I saw a dog nearly get hit as it was wondering a busy road alone. I don't understand their leniency and lack of care but be cautious as not all of them are friendly and if one does come up to you be weary as they could be a stray and not friendly. 

I am very fortunate to be returning to Portugal in a months time. Apart from Paris its another one of my favourite places to visit. This was only a short guide, as I only went for a week and spent most of it trying to tan my extremely white body. If you have been to Portugal or are going let me know and I'll recommend some more places. I have been to Portugal about 5 times now.

Make sure to also check out my youtube video on my week there its just a lil vlog and some ootds.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday wherever you are going! 

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