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A message to abusers

Maybe you don't realise the consequences of your actions, you didn't think you would lose your anger and self control but you did within a flip of a coin. Do you realise the damage you cause to individuals lives and the ones closest to you? 

Do you realise how much of an affect a word or a punch can have. How could you put someone through that pain, the emotional and physical abuse? Is it because your afraid of losing them? Afraid you will never be good enough for them, so you slowly begin to bring them down and that way they will never leave your side. Do you think that is a healthy way to live, is that a life you want to live? Enforcing fear and emotion on your other half?

I will never understand how anyone could abuse the people they are closest to. I will never get how you even get to that point and the fact they carry through with it. Abuse doesn't just happen once, it continues and continues.

Never suffer in silence. There are too many people these days in controlling relationships, afraid to speak out against their partner. Don't be. I know its impossible to even put yourself in the shoes of someone who suffers abuse, I could never imagine. But no one should have to suffer alone.

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