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Airport dramas

Now I don't know about you, but does anyone else get extremely and I mean EXTREMELY beyond stressed out in airports and majorly panics over pretty much everything? Here's my dramatic explanation of how I feel in airports, let me know if you can relate..

Number one worry- Does my luggage fit the 20kg allowance? Am I over? Will I be arrested? Will I have to spend all my euros and be stranded in a foreign country for the rest of my life?

Number 2- Now got to keep hold of my boarding pass and try not to lose my passport, make sure I show everyone I am real and in fact just want to holiday and don't want to cause harm to anyone.

Number 3- My favourite part, customs :) Did I remember to empty out all my liquids and throw anything that looks like liquids away or I could be taken away? I've checked my bag ten times, what if I've missed something? What if they find something in my bag that wasn't put there by me? Oh god they are stopping the conveyor belt on my bag, what have I done, my life is over. Oh god the body scanner is beeping, I am being checked, I don't have any metals, this morning would have been the last time I would see this world, I'm going to jail for something I haven't done. Ok they said I'm fine, I'm breathing.

Number 4- Am I at the right waiting gate? Do I have time to pee? Have I lost my boarding pass? WHERE THE HELL IS MY PASSPORT. HOW DO I NAVIGATE ROUND THIS AIRPORT!!

Number 5- Ok we are all walking in a very slow line to find our seat, how do I find it, I'm so confused what if I'm in the wrong place! It's fine got a lovely window seat and now barricaded in by strangers, what if they fall asleep and I need to pee? What if they fall asleep on me??

Number 6- Breathe

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