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How I maintain long hair

Having long hair is both amazing and extremely frustrating, especially the growing out process, desperately waiting for your freshly cut hair to grow and deeply hating on the hairdresser for not taking 1inch off your hair (how dare she even cut it in the first place) its a painful process but I have some tips and hair care you can use to grow you hair long and NOT go to the hairdressers!


Ok my number one tip for long healthy hair- DON'T GO TO THE HAIRDRESSERS. Ok I'm not saying hairdressers are bad at their job but it does seem they don't want your luscious long locks to stay around for that long and you end up at stage one again. You can have perfectly long hair and I'm pretty sure they will still find a fault. So I stopped going around 3 years ago. People aways find it weird that I hate hairdressers but has anyone else ever walked out of a hairdressers hating on their hate EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have honestly never been happy and I find it SUPER awkward sitting in a chair tying not to cry when they chop off your hair and ask about my life. Nope don't enjoy it one bit. So instead I recommend every month getting your mum, friend, sister, brother, cousin, aka SOMEONE YOU TRUST, to just take an inch off you hair. I started doing it myself and therefore if it goes wrong or I take too much off the only person I can blame is ME. So I highly recommend just cutting your own hair, because your not going to take too much off and honestly you just feel so much happier. I am always complimented on my hair and people are shocked when I say I trim it myself. 


My second tip for maintaining long healthy hair is CONDITIONER, I use this religiously. I highly recommend you try out Tresemme products, I find these are the best shampoo's and conditoners, espeically if you are someone who wants volume and thickness and SUPER SOFT hair. These can be a bit pricey but I have had mine for months so they do last long. I recommend leaving the conditioner in your hair for 5-10 minutes, jump in a bath, paint your nails and then wash it out OR keep it in over night. Getting a good shampoo and conditioner will really benefit your hair and the look of it.

Hair masks-

I have recently expanded my hair care routine from leaving in conditioner to using a hair mask every week. I leave this in over night and wash out the following morning. I find my hair smells amazing and is super soft after doing so. I tried a Garnier one last night and my hair felt like it had been washed and cut at a salon it was so healthy and soft. So I highly recommend using a hair mask, at the moment I use my Poundland Argon one. This smells incredible and makes your hair look ten times healthier and shiny. I apply the hair mask from where my hair falls below my neck. 

Heat protection-

One way of making your hair grow longer and giving in strength is sadly girls NOT curling or straightening it. I KNOW painful right. You might be blessed with naturally curly or straight hair but the majority of us wake up as a frizzball. I recommend using a heat protection spray every time you apply heat to your hair, the bonus, they usually all smell really nice, BUT it's gonna protect your hair, which is its main importance. So I use OSIS a brand by Schwarzkopf.


You may not think this is important but IT IS. Keeping your body hydrated benefits both your skin and hair and makes it look healthier and hydrated.


Try not to wash your hair every day and do it every 3 days possible if you can. Trust me I know its hard. I am someone who constantly fiddles with their hair and is obsessed if it looks greasy and gets extremely paranoid. But there is dry shampoo that does work a treat. 


Wouldn't it be a blessing to have long THICK hair, well I am certainly not blessed with that. So to make my hair look thicker I use Loreal's thickening spray, one of their new products. Again highly recommend for the smell factor! But it just helps those of us lacking on the thick side to get a bit more volume. 

So this is how long my hair is, its pretty much at my belly button and I always keep it at that level as thats my desired length!

So this is how I maintain long hair, I'm not saying anything I do is the perfect way but it works for me! Let me know yours and if you have any of these products! I am hoping to do a hair care video so make sure to check that out, I'll inform you when its live! So I do hope this has helped its like growing out eyebrows, takes forever but when you get there AMAZING. 

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