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Mac lipsticks review

Who doesn't get excited when you see a Mac parcel posted through your letterbox?! Its sadly not a frequent thing for me, as being a uni student I can't afford to spend £15 on a lipstick when I need necessities like food...

So as much as I would love to say I have a Mac collection, I really can't afford that, BUT I am gradually getting there, I'm on my third one and I'm obsessed. 

So why do I love Mac lipsticks? Firstly the hydration and feel on your lips, honestly they are like no other lipstick, the matte ones I have feel so soft on your lips and don't dry them up, but make them feel moisturised. The second bonus is the smell, they all have this amazing smell thats like candy, they are just so precious it just kills me how expensive they are.

Velvet Teddy

Who doesn't have Velvet Teddy, the most perfect dark pinky nude YOU have to have on your list. It is a colour that's hard to describe but goes with everything and I mean everything. Its not too dark and its not too nude, its just your perfect nude for daytime and night time wear. My only issue, how long it lasts... which isn't very long. Looks perfect in pictures but after a few drinks on a night out sadly its no longer visible. I have had mine since February and wear it pretty much everyday and its only half way used, which is pretty good. So if you haven't got your hands on this wonderful specimen go and check it out and you will realise what you have been missing in your life.

Rate? 9/10, would be 10/10 if it lasted:( 

My Inner Femme

I used to be obsessed with red lipsticks until I suddenly changed to loving pink, so this was my first mac lipstick and I had completely gone off red:( BUT this is such a lovely colour and would suit brunettes and blonde's, its a very vibrant red and the colour is long lasting. Looks amazing in photos and does seem to last a lot longer than velvet teddy, I don't know if this is due to the colour or the fact this is a different brand/section to velvet teddy. I do hope I begin to love this colour again, will be perfect for the winter seasons.

Rate? 7/10, just need to find my love for red again 


OH MY GOD, so this is my newbie. Does anyone else spend hours I MEAN HOURS watching endless mac lipstick swatches on youtube and going through the entire site trying to find your perfect colour, but they are all PERFECT. I saw this on Hannah Renee's collection and I was instantly drawn in, I find it really hard to describe the colours of mac lipsticks because they look different on everyone and different skin types. So this one is a pinky, orangy, brown? Those 3 colours in one basically, a bit darker that velvet teddy, but not too dark for daytime wear. I bought this for summer as I think it will look perfect with a tan. So overall I am really pleased with this as my third mac lipstick.

Rate? 8/10 Nothing will ever be as good as velvet teddy

Let me know if you have any of the lipsticks I have mentioned or any recommendations? I would love to know.

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