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Monday Motivation- Fitness


Right, try this.. Instead of having the same boring old week every week, kick yourself into gear and BE MOTIVATED. Heres why:

1- Being motivated makes you achieve all the tasks that needs to be achieved
2- You feel ten times happier in yourself


(Honestly this works)

If you go to sleep early, have a good lie in and set your mindset to MOTIVATED, good things will come your way. Promise.

Ok, so I've never really spoke about fitness on my blog before I don't think? Well anyway I'll give you a bit of background info. 

So I am a size 6-8 but a more comfortable 8 I would say than 6, I've never dieted or felt the need to and I have always been quite active but not extremely sporty. For the last 19 years I have had a slim body frame, now I don't know if thats just my build but as I am told by a dozen people ' YOU WON'T STAY LIKE THAT FOREVER' true you won't but you can certainly maintain it.

I think becoming obsessive with your weight is a dangerous mindset to fall into. A lot of us girls have this thing called 'body dysphoria' a condition where you can't actually see yourself the way others do, so you'll look in the mirror and see an oversized you when realistically you resemble a stick? You get me? We have all been there.

So how do I stay fit? Well for the last two years I have done squats daily, now don't get me wrong some weeks I do it everyday and others I can skip a week but on average I do 100-200 daily and thats how I maintain my figure. Now I didn't start doing this because I wasn't happy with my body or weight, I just wanted to keep my bum in shape, and as time has gone on I've managed to tone my stomach. 

Diet? pfft my diet doesn't exist, I have never controlled it and I wouldn't say I am necessary healthy (nothing to be proud of) but moving away to uni and learning to cook is difficult and the co op meal deals always sound more appealing. BUT I do try to incorporate fruit and veg into my diet just not as frequent as I probably should.


When I started uni I had no interest in the gym, the thought of working out and breaking a sweat made me feel sick. I hated PE at school, any form of exercise was just EFFORT and I was more than happy to indulge in a massive bag of chocolate buttons on my lunch break then count every calorie that existed. 6 months into uni some of my flat mates started going to the gym, now my main fear of gyms and pretty much my whole fear of life is GETTING JUDGED, I was not a gym girl, didn't understand how the donkey you work the machines, the thought just stressed me out. But then I had a lightbulb moment and I decided to dash to Primark and get some gym stuff, there was no way I was splashing out on £60 worth of gym clothes when I could spend that on my food for the week, no way. I didn't keep up a gym routine but it varied some weeks I went 3 times, others once and then towards exams and major assignment deadlines never.

But what I found was how energising and motivating the gym was. I instantly felt good about myself than sitting on the couch watching take me out and eating a king size bag of buttons. I felt extremely motivated for life and a lot happier with myself as I began to see the changes in my body and my stomach toning.

So if you go to uni this year MAKE USE OF YOUR FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP, do it because you'll never get a free gym in your life again.

Now I am back from Uni I am just focusing on squatting daily and running up and down the stairs.. I've been feeling pretty miserable recently as I just feel I have nothing to look forward to this summer and would much prefer to be at uni, so I started sleeping in late, going to bed later and not even getting dressed (I don't advise you get into this pattern)

Today I thought I would change. I went to bed at a reasonable time, got up at 10.... shh good enough and decided to proceed in a 40 minute workout to kick start my day. I have been looking at different challenges you can do and I found one, Jen Selter, you may have heard of her, basically a fitness guru that puts Kim Kardashians back side to shame. I decided to try her 4 week workout, now I don't want to be muscular I just want to keep toned. So I am going to attempt this ATTEMPT for 4 weeks and show you the effects.

My advice to you to feel happier in yourself and stay motivated?
Go to sleep early
Workout for 30 mins in the morning
Eat proper meals, don't snack
Drink plenty of water
Make a tick list of things you want to achieve

Now me being in this mindset has had positive outcomes. Firstly I woke up to a load of lovely comments on my latest youtube video and for the first time I have been asked to review a product by a company which makes me super excited.


I hope you have all had a busy Monday remember being happy and positive gets you a long way.

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