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As someone who is a massive supporter for positive body image, the latest Dove campaign drew me in once again. Its so SO so important to love yourself, appreciate who you are. THERE'S ONLY ONE OF YOU. It does not matter what size you are, the length of your hair, the size of your boobs, the way you do your makeup! That's what makes you an individual.

Dove always brings out my inner sass because whenever I see their campaigns I'm like YES GAL, we can do this. 

Yesterday I saw their latest campaign, My Beauty My Say. 

In this deluded, judgemental, not accepting society we are constantly depicted and pulled apart by the way we look. Have you ever been in a position where someone has used your looks against you? For example, if you're a girl who enjoys sport like football you may be seen as too pretty to kick a ball. You may be seen as too pretty to enjoy going to the gym, maybe you're a cage fighter? Maybe you're someone who is really successful but asked constantly why you didn't take another route because of your looks. Why should your looks determine what route you take in life? Let me tell you, they don't. 

If you want to be the next prime minister, the next pilot, the next sportswoman, just because you're female and attractive, does not mean you can't do any of this. 

Your looks shouldn't outweigh your achievements.

Similarly the other way round, it might be a compliment when people say how attractive you are, but what about if its the opposite, what if you enjoy makeup but (as you are told) you don't look like a makeup artist, or someone experienced to cut hair, you don't look like a fashion designer or a model. Why have we got to this point in society where our personality and ambitions mean nothing, but instead our appearance apparently gives away what we do or what we do.

As females we have to support each other and if you experience comments in the work place or in society on your appearance and the relation to your job, be the stronger person and rise above it. You have that position because you're good at it, not because of your face.

Join in with the dove campaign and have your say!

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