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Benefit Brows/worth it?

By some miracle I was able to use the rest of my euros left over from my previous holiday to purchase some MUCH NEEDED products for my brows and what's the best for that? BENEFIT. I would advise you to stop at duty free on the airport, I found products were a few pounds cheaper than actually buying them in the shop.

So if you're anything like me and struggle with finding products that compliment your brows, look no further than benefit. They are known for their brow products and they really do, do the trick. I purchased three different items because I'm desperate to see a difference in my brows.

I'm going to share with you my recent buys and what I'm currently thinking.

High Brow Glow Pencil- £17.50

You need this in your life. No getting around that its just needed. Maybe the price is a lil bit on the expensive side but if you want the best results and you struggle with maintaining brows then these products will help. I have been using eyeshadows and highlighters to outline my brows, this has worked but the application I struggle with. The pencil is a beautiful light pink, quite thick and leaves your brows outlined perfectly. There are two types of this pencil, a luminous glow and a subtle one. I chose luminous because I really wanted the brow bone to be highlighted. I would highly recommend looking at this range and the packaging is so pretty. I will be uploading my current benefit products where I will talk more in depth about them.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil-£18.50

I have absolutely adored Revolutions brow pencil for months now, but my brows are in desperate need of good high end products to sort them out. Although I adored that pencil and its the dupe of this one, I couldn't believe the difference in quality when I first tried this. I got this in the shade 5, the darkest is 6. I would check what colour suits you best, I find 5 is quite dark, so make sure you're certain before you splash out on these products.

The application of this pencil is perfect, a slanted nib which glides easily over the skin and perfect for shaping. It also comes with a spoolie which again is much needed.

KA Brow-£18.50

This is a creamy gel brow product that comes in a pot with an applicator. Again I got this in shade 5. I haven't yet tested this out but the applicator looks amazing. I have always wanted to try out a brow product different from a pencil. I'm not sure how I will get on with this, eyebrows just take a lot of practice!

So these are my new brow products, let me know if you have any and if you have any recommendations. I will update you on how I get on and do a more detailed post. But if you're looking for some decent high end brow products go to your nearest Benefit store.

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