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Dressing down playsuits

 Do you ever have an outfit you really want to wear but find its a bit revealing for the daytime and its more evening/clubbing material? Well I am someone who finds this an issue when I'm completely in love with an outfit but I always wear it clubbing instead.

So take for example my playsuit and picture me dressed up with heels. This playsuit is perfect for clubbing and evening wear but is quite dressy, however I wanted to show you that you can easily dress things down, just depends what you pair them with.

I got this playsuit from Depop, it is originally from Topshop, I've never seen it before so not sure when it was last available but I love it so much. Its a beautiful olive green, one of my favourite colours and I think it really compliments darker hair. Green can be quite a tricky colour to work with, but this shade you cannot go wrong with.

As I am in Portugal right now, I'm constantly looking for outfits that will keep me cool and still look like I've made an effort. I brought this with me on purpose because I knew it would look really pretty paired with sandals and a floppy hat. I knew you can't go wrong by pairing black sandals and a black hat with this shade, it all works very well. You can even pair it with a brown hat and sandals. I think lace up sandals would look perfect on this look.

The playsuit is plunge so can be quite revealing but as its a wrap style as well everything does stay intact. My only issue with it is its fairly big on my shoulders, I am very skinny up top so this type of clothing does just tend to drop now and again and reveal my secrets to the world. It is also fairly short, hence why its more of an evening attire than daytime but it all depends what you pair it with and whether you are comfortable. The back is the same style as the front so a draped plunge, I always think open backs are so pretty.

I adore playsuits, they aren't like bodysuits where you have to fiddle around for ages trying to get the buttons to pop back in, these are very toilet friendly and easy to take on and off.

This one is hands down one of my favourites I just think its so pretty yet so simple. If you are someone who lives in one colour VENTURE OUT. Its fun, I never used to wear any colour except black, since changing my ways I have never looked back and pretty much wear every colour under the moon. You have to experiment with fashion and colours!

I do hope you're enjoying my OOTD'S. I love creating them and I am going to try and prevent myself from using the floral background ITS JUST SO PRETTY.


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