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Exciting update! Boohoo student brand ambassador

I'm officially a boohoo student brand ambassador!

Ok, huge huge thing. Somehow and I don't know how because I am a VERY negative person and wouldn't think twice that a huge online clothing brand would pick me to be one of their ambassadors. Honestly amazing but pretty terrifying at the same time because now I need to make sure I produce even better content on my blog and Youtube BUT I will be styling their clothes which is pretty exciting!

So from September the 12th I will be starting to work with Boohoo posting outfits across all of my social media's and hopefully inspiring you guys to feel comfortable in your skin and experiment with your fashion sense. So keep your eyes peeled.

I saw this opportunity on their site and would recommend to any of you wanting to get into the fashion industry or make your blog content insane then sign up for this opportunity. I don't know how many people sign up for it but its definielty worth a shot. I got shortlisted after just signing up and leaving links to my social media's and then I had to send a short video WHICH BARING IN MIND I HAD 2 DAYS TO FILM AS I DIDN'T REALISE I HAD EVEN BEEN SHORTLISTED SO THANK GOD I GOT ANOTHER EMAIL FROM THEM TELLING ME ABOUT THE CLOSING DATE. Apologies about the capitals there, but it was a very VERY stressful moment in my life as I was on holiday, had no nice outfits and had to film a video that was creative. So this consisted of mind blanks, mini breakdowns and just giving up with life. But hey, it was worth it.

So yeah a pretty exciting opportunity that has arose from me doing youtube as I would have never probably signed up to this or sent them a video as I had no confidence. Now that I have been doing youtube for 2 months I feel more than comfortable sitting in front of a camera so its a major major achievement for me and most importantly its my last year of being a teenager and I've wanted so badly to feel like I've achieved something and I actually have which is really weird to think.

I also want to say, it doesn't matter if your not a massive youtuber or blogger, its how your portray yourself and the content your produce that will sell you :)

It may not seem a massive opportunity to you but its pretty big for me so I am over the moon x

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