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MAC Nail Varnish Review

Apologies for not posting Wednesday. I have a load of exciting reviews coming up for you guys, so much has happened in this last week AND today I got email saying I had been shortlisted to be a boohoo ambasadoor, the fact I got to that stage makes me over the moon but if I actually got the role OH ME DAYS HOW INSANE, like a dream come true! So that’s a lil update on whats happening with me, but my blog content is gonna get a lot more exciting x

So today I wanted to review one of my favourite nail varnishes I’ve been wearing RELIGIOUSLY this summer. 

For those of you who have followed my blog for centuries you will see how much my tastes changes in things. I used to be obsessed with red and now I can’t think of anything worse than me wearing red lipstick! Strange right? I know, I’m just constantly adapting my style.

However I found my red Mac nail varnish lying around in my drawers and had a light bulb moment and thought… red is perfect for summer and with a tan LOOKS A KILLER. So for the last month I have had my nails red and I’m obsessed again.

This costs £10 and is part of their lacquer collection,I'm not sure whether they still sell this particular one, but if you want a decent nail varnish that lasts longer than an hour then I’ve got your girl! If you love Mac lipstick, you will adore their nail varnish, I know pricey but worth it. The only thing I’m not keen on is the brush size, I find the applicator way too tiny, I like quite thick brushes. BUT it does mean you won’t Crayola in your nails and the surrounding skin so that’s a positive. 

So after wearing this colour for the last month, I am definitely interested in the rest of their range. I always get asked if my nails are fake and NO they are completely real, something I’m proud of and actually like about myself are my NAILS. If you would like me to do a post on how I maintain my nails or help them grow and not snap then let me know! I am obsessed with keeping my nails neat and not having short ones, don’t know how you can survive with short nails, but if you can I admire you.

So this is what it looks like on, its such a pretty red, perfect for both day and evening wear!

Let me know if you have tried Mac’s nail varnish and what are your views or recommendations!

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