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OOTD in an abandoned building

By far this has been my favourite shoot location in my time spent in Portugal. I am mesmerized by the views from a beautiful abandoned building. God knows why you would leave such a picturesque location, but in Portugal you have to have permission to build on land like this and sadly this house didn't qualify but if it did it would have been so beautiful, all that was ever created was its foundations, no family got to experience this. So today I thought it would be such a shame to not capture the beauty of this location, so I put together a lil OOTD for you.

It was hard to take pictures with the lighting in this building but LOOK AT THAT VIEW. I am wearing my high-waisted patterned Primark shorts which were only £4, bargain. I am very much into this tribal pattern, not sure what you would call it. I also love the little tassles on the end of the shorts, just so pretty and perfect for summer. I paired this with a simple black ribbed crop top and just thought this outfit would work well with this background. 

I just love the simplicity of this look. The shorts are my favourite and you can either dress them up or down. I never usually go for Primark shorts but for sure these have been my go to all summer. Again pairing this outfit with my floppy hat another essential for summer.

If you're like me and want to be a lil stylish whether that's climbing up mountains or going shopping, all you need is pattern and a plain top. This enhances the shorts as the main focal point of the outfit. So Primark is your girl for this!

This is me just chilling on the very end of the building, I do not advise this, I thought I was going to be blown off any second but the picture was worth it, NOT THE HEIGHT THO.

I do hope you enjoy this OOTD. I just love its simplicity, let me know what you think x

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