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OOTD'S/ experimenting with trends?

Feels like forever since I last uploaded an OOTD or talked about new trends. After starting youtube I have definitely began to neglect my blog and thats something I never planned on doing, so although I don't have a schedule for my blog because I love it to just be a hobby and not feel pressurised like youtube can be. Anyway because I'll be starting my boohoo brand ambassador programme in September, I need to get back into the swing of posting my OOTD'S on my blog rather than always on Youtube.

So I have been doing a lil bit of shopping (although I am poorer than poor due to being a student that can't get employed) love it!!!. But my grandad was kind enough to give me some money for uni and therefore I wanted some new casual and going out clothes. So I'm majorly for online shopping because getting places when you can't drive is such a chore so best to do it all online. I've got things from Boohoo, Topshop and H&M.


If you watch my videos you will know I've got into maxi dresses all of a sudden (I know shock horror). I never had the confidence to wear dresses like this as I felt my stomach always looked bloated and my figure just didn't suit this style. However when I turned 18 I decided to start loving my body more and wearing things that made me feel slightly uneasy to build my body confidence. I want girls to appreciate who they are and not care about their body, that's the beauty with fashion, wear what you want, you can pull it off if you have the confidence. This is something I want to instil when I become an ambassador, I don't want you to not choose things because your boobs are too small or you have no bum.

So I purchased this from H&M for £8 which is really good for a maxi dress. I did try some on in Primark but they weren't very flattering on my figure so I thought I would give that a miss. I also find Primark clothing tends to stretch and become bigger after a few washes and with a maxi dress I wanted it to stay fairly tight. I got this one in black and the green one I'm wearing above. PERFECT for holiday, in Portugal I threw this on everyday because its so light and can be dressed up or down.

So if you are looking for decent, affordable maxi dresses then H&M is your girl.


I am a huge HUGE fan of body suits this year. Again an item of clothing I never thought I would pull off but I'm doing it and I love them. I always get my body suits from Topshop as I find these compliment my figure well, good quality but a lil more on the expensive side. I got this burgundy one for £18 which isn't too bad. Its long sleeved and has two beautiful cutouts on the front and back which makes it the prettiest one I have owned. I think this is so sleek and classy and would look perf dressed up or with a pair of jeans. I think this will look amazing in the autumn season but I mainly got this for going out. So super happy, its also very stretchy and the first one I have owned that is comfortable to wear!

I always recommend with bodysuits to go a size up because they can be very tight and you do want to breathe once in a while!


Finally my favourite new OOTD or I should say OOTN. I have forever wanted a decent pair of tight high waisted trousers. I know I am extremely precise in what I want and fussy. So it feels like a good year I have been searching for some that I feel comfortable in, because I do feel trousers can be quite a daring trend to pull off and hard to style. So I got these for £12, super affordable, high waisted and just a perfect fit. I love the wrap cross over it makes the outfit look more classy and put together well. If you want affordable clothes, shop Boohoo!

On top I am wearing a crop top also from Boohoo, this was £8! Very happy with this. Its a choker styled one with two cutouts on the front and back and 3/4 length sleeves. I think it works perfectly with these trousers, paired with heels. You can't go wrong with black on black, I just think it makes you look classy and stylish.

So I hope you like my new OOTD's. I apologise about the image quality as they are from my video but I will start taking better pictures for my blog x

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