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If you're anything like me you will literally panic and freak out about every aspect of life. I'm someone who thinks of the worst before its even happened. Yes I can be a complete and utter drama queen but over thinking gets exhausting.

I put this down to a mixture of things apart from over thinking. The way I think is because of things I have experienced. So I wanted to put together a little bit of an advice guide on things I'm anxious about and how I try my best to deal with them, let me know if you can relate.

Anxious sleeper?

I am a very and I mean VERY anxious person. Recently I have found it impossible to sleep as I'm terrified someone will break into my house. As a young woman this world can be scary, you constantly see reports of girls being followed and strange men lurking in houses. I have become very anxious at night due to absorbing all this information and being chased myself. You try to stop yourself feeling like this but its so god damn hard. Every noise I hear I break into a hot sweat and I can't hear anything above my loud breathing and heart literally beating out my chest. Coping mechanisms? 

How to cope? 

Try and stop yourself from getting into this pattern. I have stopped reading horrible stuff and realised when I did read things that's when I was the most anxious and terrified to sleep. You have to program into your brain nothing is going to happen and most importantly BREATHE. We all forget to do this when we break into panic mode. I would advise having background sound in your room, whether this is a fan, your radio on low or any other static noise so you're not constantly listening. The other alternative sleep with headphones.

Phone call phobia?

When a phone rings I simply do nothing but stare at it until it stops. Why? I start to over think in my head that whoever is on the other side wants me to talk about something that I have no idea on and I'm scared of making a fool of myself. I'm fine with ringing friends and family but when its the unknown it sends me into panic. Its the same when I have to ring someone I don't know, the doctors for example. I have to mentally prepare myself for ten minutes, make sure my voice doesn't vanish and practise over and over what to say.

How to cope?

Sadly if you have this fear like me, the only way to deal with it is to keep answering calls. Over the years my confidence has gradually built up but I am still no where near in a position to say I am comfortable with answering or calling. I would rather meet the person face to face than over a phone.

Over thinking death?

As I've grown older I have realised the short amount of time we are on this world for and how quickly each day passes. I hate it. For the last month or so I have constantly kept torturing myself of the idea of getting older, losing loved ones, not achieving anything I set out to. Its such a horrible and dangerous mindset to be in and the only way you can stop it is to LIVE. Stop thinking and actually live your life and enjoy it.

Fear of terrorism?

With all the recent attacks I can't help but think every time I step onto a train or into an airport something bad is going to happen. I have never been a nervous flyer, I do hate airports but terrorism has gave me even more of a fear. I've found myself observing people's behaviour, the sort of ruck sack they are carrying etc. We shouldn't have to live like this or even feel like this but sadly we have to. If you are fretting about attacks the only thing you can do is try and push it to the back of your mind. I don't really have any advice on this as we all panic about it but we just have to carry on with life.

So these are a few things I over think, let me know if you relate to any of them.

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