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Boohoo 3 wardrobe must haves

We are in that really annoying transitional period of summer to winter and being in the UK we all know how hormonal the weather gets and it can be very challenging to know what to wear. Like today, its been boiling but its raining and thundering, can we still get away with sandals? Or can our must have wardrobe staple BOOTS come out yet!!?? Drives me insane.

As I am now a Boohoo ambassador, I am more than aware of the growing trends and must haves this month and want to share with you 3 items that are majorly on trend.


I am absolutely loving chokers at the moment. I used to wear them when I was younger and looking back I looked like a wannabe and tacky, huge no no, everyone had the exact and I MEAN exact same one. But chokers have come back in majorly, you now have choker styled dresses and bodysuits and we all say we aren't gonna jump on the trend everyone is wearing....but... we all do. I have been loving velvet chokers more than anything, they compete and compliment any look and pretty much anyone can pull them off. Your outfit will go from a 6-10 in a minute by adding a simple sleek choker. Boohoo have a range of stylish but simple chokers and super affordable!! Its a staple look you know you're avoiding but once you get on it you will never look back. 


Embroidered dresses

One word, OBSESSED. All summer embroidered has been on trend and seems to be one that won't be leaving us any time soon. I am loving the embroidered floral jeans, playsuits, dresses you name it. Perfect for festivals, dressing up or drinks with friends, this style will go with pretty much anything and theres no certain time of the day you will only be able to wear it. Scrolling through Boohoo's site I have fell deep in love with this playsuit, however it is very plunge but all you need to make this less dressy is a bandeau underneath and your life is sorted. This would look perfect styled with chunky boots and a hat, it just screams autumnal vibes but you can also wear it at night and if you have the confidence to pull this off without a bandeau then go for it! I am so excited to get my hands on this!


Duster coats

I have always been a huge fan girl over duster coats but never been able to get one for myself. I was lucky enough to find a perfect one on Boohoo, again mega affordable if you're a struggling student like myself, then look no further. I will do an OOTD post for you, but these coats literally go with anything and everything. Dressy or casual they complete any look and just look mega classy and that you've made a huge effort, when in reality you're wearing leggings and an oversized jumper. My favourite colours for these coats would definitely be a pinkish brown or black, again never go out of fashion and perfect for all year round. 


You could get this entire outfit for only £43, think of Topshop prices and what you get for your money 1 item or would your rather have a full outfit.

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