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BOOHOO Night (slay freshers)

If you're like me and constantly find yourself surrounded by millions of clothes before every night out and just feel like the ground needs to swallow you then this post is for you. Trust me girls I get you 110%, I can never find the perfect outfit for a night out, I never know where to start or how dressy to be. The drama ay.

Last year I was a fresher and I've noticed how my style has changed dramatically, I used to and still do wear Bodycon skirts and a body suit, however now I'm in love with midi dresses. Something I never thought I would have the confidence to wear in a billion years! However I'm doing it because as girls we need to learn to love our bodies whether we are curvy, have no boobs, tall or small, anyone can pull of a Bodycon midi dress. Just need positive thoughts and confidence.

I have always been on the lookout for a midi Bodycon black dress and I found my goddess for £18.00.  The Jelena Choker Cut Out Bandeau Midi Dress. As you probably know chokers seem to be on everything at the moment, although I'm not a huge fan of this, I feel it compliments this style of dress well. The dress has a cut out on your waist and the top is a Bandeau. You don't need to worry about this falling down because its supported at the back by the choker, it will all make more sense if you look at the pictures. 

The dress is Bodycon so therefore figure hugging with an elasticated waist so pulls you in, in all the right areas, my kind of dress. Just always check on clothing sites their size guide because it can differ.

I just love the simplicity and class of this dress and paired it with some chunky heels. So if you want to slay freshers and stand out from the crowd with a classy simplistic dress then always go black and check out Boohoo night.

To see this outfit in action I did create a LOOKBOOK on my channel be sure to check that out x 

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