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Struggling to meet new people at Uni? Huggle app will help you

Moving to University can be pretty terrifying, its one of the most amazing experiences of your life and a huge huge learning curve. For the first time ever you flee the nest and your faced with enormous amounts of chores but equally loads of unforgettable memories with new friends. If you're anything like me and find social situations fairly tricky and meeting new people extremely nerve racking then this post is for you, as there is a solution..A new app called Huggle.

I was a Fresher last year and going up to new people was fairly daunting. There were occasions I really could have done with this app, especially in Freshers week there was an occasion I didn't know where my flat mates had gone and was unsure about taxi numbers or where to even get a taxi home. With this app I would have been able to find who was in the area and any local students who may have been able to direct me in the right direction.

Moving to a new city for University is hard enough, but not knowing your surroundings that well or the people, can leave you feeling pretty isolated and alone. 

Huggle has been created to ensure you don't feel alone and have the best freshers week/ University experience as possible, by allowing you to connect with a range of people who are in the same area. The app allows you to discover people who go to the same University as you and your local surroundings. This is very handy if you're going to a University in a huge city, as you need to know key places like taxi ranks, clubs and supermarkets, but most importantly it gives you the opportunity to talk to new people and see where they hang out.

So how does it work? You download the app from the app store and you will be asked to sync your Facebook profile. This will form the basis of your profile using your photo, where you go to University and any other information you may have on your account. Once this is set up you need to turn on your location services as this will allow you to connect with anyone who has been in the near area. You are then able to share photos, music you may be listening to and post statuses. 

This is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with new people who may go to your University, in your lectures or just in your surrounding area. 

Now you're probably wondering how safe this app is? First of all you have to be 18 or over and there isn't anything you need to fret about as Huggle has been praised for its safe environment and features. 

How? It uses photo verification and Hyper-local technology which basically stops fake profiles and check ins. Your list of locations isn't shared with anyone else, users can only see if they have a place in common with you. So no need to freak out or break a sweat this app isn't going to allow someone to follow you home. 

So if you're heading to University or you've just completed your first week and still struggling to fit in, download this app, at least try it and if you feel no different then at least you tried, but I guarantee this will help you out a lot and give you the courage to speak to new people. 

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