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Velvet, lace, embroidery? Current trends with Boohoo

Trends are constantly changing and if you're fashion conscious like me..then this post is for you.

Autumn is pretty much here now and we can finally whip our fave staple scarves out of the wardrobe and not feel guilty for wearing boots! My favourite season of them all, except I don't like being cold..BUT who doesn't love autumnal colours to add to the ol wardrobe. The trend for this season is definitely velvet, embroidery, lace and of course BOOTS. 

As I am a Boohoo ambassador I will be sharing with you my fave autumnal pieces from the site and maybe it will give you some inspiration on what to wear this season. 

Over the knee boots

I think this style of boot is a must have in every girls shoe closet. I am a huge fan of chunky heeled boots, but never purchased an over the knee pair, I think I will take the plunge this season and try them out. Paired with jeans and a thick cardigan this would be such a lush OOTD and for only £38 these boots are a steal.  

Velvet dresses

If you read my previous post on how my style has evolved, you will know my love for velvet. Velvet is a trend that will never grow out or age, it constantly comes back in and especially at this time of the year. I usually love crushed Burgundy velvet clothing as well as my beloved black, but Boohoo have made me fall head over heels in love with this pinkish/brown colour. This dress would look stunning with a pair of black simplistic heels with a pendant choker. For only £18 as well!


I think everyone has a lace up top somewhere, they were on huge trend in previous months of this year. What I love about them is their simplicity, you can dress them up or be super super casual. I have fallen in love with this lace up ruffle blouse, if you felt self conscious about the lace being quite revealing you can always wear a vest top or bandeau underneath. This would be a perfect look for this season paired with skinny high waisted black or grey jeans and a pair of chunky boots. 


Is anyone else in love??! I don't think I have ever wanted an item this much and isn't it just typical when its out of stock IN EVERY SIZE, can't even get my nan to take in a bigger size and make it smaller, gutting ay. So on trend this month is embroidered styled clothes, perfect for autumn and just super cute, this pinafore would look so pretty with a lil beanie and ankle boots.

So these are the trends I'm currently loving this month! Stay tuned to my instagram and Youtube for OOTD's and Lookbooks with Boohoo x

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