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What to expect from University

I have wanted to start up my advice posts again as I haven't been able to produce much Youtube content recently after moving back to uni. My blog was always my main platform for giving you guys advice and today feels like the longest day ever, it should be illegal to be in uni from 9am-9pm, I've managed to run home and have some tea before my night lecture begins and I thought I would give you first years some tips on what to expect this year.

Freshers week has probably been the biggest blur for you, you've mingled with your flat mates and currently probably suffering from the freshers flu, but don't let this hold you back from lectures, I can't stress the importance of going to them. In my first year I was in 4 times a week, you will probably be in 3-4 depending on hours given. Make the most of your lectures and ask for help, because its not like college or Sixth form, you don't have a lot of guidance and your thrown in the deep end pretty much straight away. (Not to scare you). So if your not an organised person, get your back side into gear now because a load of tears will be approaching you soon when assignments pile up and you've missed your lectures. GO.

Reading over notes is something I have always been quite good at as I am someone who isn't the sharpest or brightest tool in the box and it takes me quite a while to get the grip of things, so I have always been pretty good at revision as I didn't really have a choice, because there was no way I could wing exams. After your lecture, grab a lil highlighter and go over the notes, you might also have a PowerPoint from the lecture, READ IT. Exams and assignments come at you very fast, if you have done all your reading and gone over your notes you won't be as stressed. Also quick tip, REMEMBER TO BREATHE.

Something I learnt today was the importance of backing up your work, now as a first year it doesn't really count which is annoying because I did pretty well and was happy with my overall grades. (BUT THEY DON'T COUNT) stupid. I luckily never lost an assignment or piece of work last year, but I never backed it up. You don't want to risk this, so just send it to yourself via email or use the obvious, a memory stick.

Friendships group, where do I start? Uni is VERY different from school, sixth form, pretty much everything your used to. However its not like the movies and uni wasn't really what I expected. I was expecting this huge fancy grown up place in front of my eyes, I guess it depends where you go, but my uni is pretty much the same as high school. However people are very different. Yes you still get the dirty, awkward looks from wannabe girls in the canteen and you'll pass boys who will make comments because they are 'lads'. Ignore these kind of people, you have dealt with them through your educational life. Make close friendships with your course mates, these are your back bones, I can't really stress the importance of them, even if they drive you insane at times, you will always be on the same page and a lil shoulder to lean on. Flatmates are another story, you may be close til xmas but you will realise divisions do start to occur and don't worry this is normal. I don't know one flat this didn't happen to, but its not all bad, you will have someone you are close to.

Finally get used to the early mornings again, but take FULL advantage of afternoon lectures and days off TO SLEEP and obviously work. Also make use of the free gym and the freedom of living away from home.

I hope you all have an amazing first year, if you need any advice on anything or struggling, you know where I am x

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