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Autumn Beauty Favourites

I recently did a poll on twitter and realised I do kinda neglect my lifestyle and beauty posts so I wanna get into writing them again. I thought as we are in the cold, autumnal season, why not cosy up with a hot chocolate and take a read of my current faves.

Real Technique brushes 

I am currently OBSESSED with this set of brushes and was very lucky to get them for £10. They are usually priced at £20, and being a student I couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on a set, although I deffo would now because they are incredible brushes and perfect for beginners like me. 

I never used to use brushes (I know kill me) but I've never been a makeup guru I'm more into fashion, but I did want to get a decent set of brushes to test out. I usually use a beauty blender for my foundation as not a huge fan of applying it with a brush. 

So in this set you get 4 brushes, a foundation, contour,buffing and detailer brush. Out of all of them the buffer brush is my fave.

I would recommend these brushes if you want to start experimenting with different looks, they are super soft, easy to wash and just feel amazing on your skin. So I am LOVING these at the moment and definitely going to look more into their collection.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hr

No words to even describe how much I'm in love with this product. As I previously mentioned never been a beauty guru or anything close, so never understood that foundations have different coverages. I have always used light coverage, never realising you could get full, I just thought girls had incredible skin (kill me now). I can't believe after all this time of patchy pale skin I have finally found a full coverage foundation that makes my skin glow and look incredible. 

I really recommend Rimmel foundations, purely because of what they look like on your skin. If you suffer from dry skin like me, definitely check out Rimmels collection and they are super affordable! I recently got 2 for £10 and that felt like I had won the lottery...

So I always use Rimmels wake me up foundation in the daytime as I find this brightens my skin and just makes me look ten times more alive than I actually feel. The 25hr one, I tend to use more for night outs or in the evening, this is perfect if you are out for a long time as it literally doesn't disintegrate off your face (heaven). I wouldn't say this foundation is thick, it feels nice on the skin and doesn't clog up pores, however I prefer a more natural look in the daytime, so I use the other one.

But overall I am obsessed with the difference full coverage foundation does to your skin compared to light. 

Benefit Goof Brow Pencil

A product I worship like a guru is the goof brow pencil, now this is VERY expensive for an eyebrow pencil in my eyes for £15, when you can get the Revolution dupe for £3. However you can see a major difference, the applicator on this pencil is perfect for arching and shading lightly, there is also a spoolie at the other end. All I would say is maybe get one of the benefit girls to find the perfect shade for you as mine is a little too dark. I think they range from 1-6, so if you're going to splash out on benefit products make sure it matches your brows. 

Bourjois lipstick

Finally, an autumnal lip to add to your collection its definitely needed this season. Autumn is all about red lips, red nails, pretty much red everything and being a lipoholic I always have to have a red lipstick. I got the shade 05, which is a dark Burgundy, but not too dark that you stand out like a sore thumb, its a shade perfect for both daytime and evening wear and just looks so pretty. I always find Bourjois lipsticks are super creamy and moisturising on the lips and also affordable (another bonus)

So these are my current Autumn beauty faves, let me know if you have any that I mentioned or what yours are x

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