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Body Shaming and Insecurities?

Body shaming and insecurities?

Three words we hear way too often. Just recently in an X factor audition, Simon Cowell told a contestant to remove her makeup, humiliating? YES, right? NO. No woman should ever be told that she is wearing too much or too little. Its not a 'mask' its how someone portrays themselves and who is anyone to judge? Its horrible to see how many women get body shamed on a daily basis just because of the way they portray themselves. 

Why as women are we constantly up for criticism on the way we look and why do men feel they have the upper hand to tell us how to present ourselves?

I'll answer it for you...don't let anyone ever tell you what to wear, how to look or how to live your life.

Its heartbreaking to see in this generation how many girls as young as 10 completely despise the way they look. My insecurities started around the age of 13, I have never been comfortable in my own skin and found it hard to accept my physical appearance, hence why I became an online agony aunt to prevent any girls feeling the way I did.  Why you may ask? From my youngest days of school up to the moment I left I was constantly pointed out on my appearance. It would be one day about my eyebrows, the next my nose, my body to the smallest hairs on my arms. I would constantly be told I was 'ugly' and made to feel worthless. I will never understand how girls could sit back and watch a boy say these things to my face and not prevent it. If I ever see any girl in a similar situation I would step right in and so should you, never let girls or boys bully and body shame other people.

I asked on twitter in a poll 'where do your insecurities stem from' I gave the options social media, bullying, friends or other. I could have been more detailed in these options but I wanted to keep it fairly basic as its a hard subject to open up about. 

The highest vote was social media. The industry that glamorises stick thin girls with huge bums and boobs, an unrealistic body image and not one we should look up to. The second vote was bullying, a topic I feel very strong about and one that needs to be spoke more about in schools. If you've ever been bullied and still torture yourself with the horrible words those people said to you, just know your worth. I know how difficult it can be to accept who you are when you've always been told awful things, but bullies are nothing but lonely people who are crying for help themselves, sadly the way they deal with it, is by taking it out on other people. Don't let bullies shape your life, don't alter or change the way you look because there is nothing wrong with you, if I could have been told that I feel it would have made a huge difference. 

All I am trying to say is please accept yourself and don't let others put you down. Sadly in life there are people that won't like you, I don't understand this myself but the sooner you accept people aren't as nice as you, you begin to care less their views on you. Don't stand for body shaming and don't let your insecurities get the better of you.

I hope this post has been helpful, if you ever need someone to open up to then please contact me. I have a range of advice posts and videos both on my Youtube and blog x

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