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How I edit my Insta pics?

Social media is a pretty competitive place so trying to get your foot in the door can seem a very long process. HOWEVER I have some tips that will help you achieve the best pictures and help you create an audience. 

1) THEME, yes the hardest part is creating a theme, but having images that match make your page look fabulous and will generate an audience. I always used to have a colourful theme that would change through the seasons or you can stick to white. Depends if you're a fashion blogger or just someone who loves capturing photos, CREATE A THEME.

2) APPS, the best app I got introduced to a month ago was 'Facetune', this app enables you to get those perfect white images, a trend everyone seems to want to achieve. Although this app is £3, so pretty expensive for a quick edit, depends how serious you are about your photos. There are cheaper alternatives, but I haven't come across any free apps that allow you to whiten an image to this extent.

3)BACKGROUNDS, if you're promoting fashion or accessories, backgrounds are key. I went to B&Q and purchased a roll of marble wallpaper, I then stuck this to a board to make it more sturdy to photograph. I am obsessed with marble, I'm sure a lot of you will be wondering what do bloggers actually use to get this effect, just get free samples of wallpaper or buy a roll. CHEAP AND WORKS A TREAT. 

4) LIGHTING, very very essential to a good photograph. Either buy lights you can place onto your camera or just photograph in a light room. This is why having a light background helps so much.

5) CAMERA, I always find pictures look a million times better when taken with a camera. Although, Iphones do have a pretty decent camera, I just prefer using my Nikon. 

(This photo was taken on my phone, as you can see you don't get as much detail as you do when taken on a camera)

Finally, LAYOUT. If you're taking photos like the ones above make sure you position them in the best way possible. Its all about them angles and quirkiness. Add plants, literally anything and create a little set. 

I hope these tips help you out x

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