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How to style shirts with Boohoo

I would have never thought I would be wearing a shirt in a billion trillion years, never been that kinda girl. I don't know what it was about shirts, every one I tried would not look flattering and it would look like I was wearing a bin bag..

However you've probably noticed PJ shirts are HUGE right now, all the celebs are wearing them and it made me think..WHY NOT BE EXPERIMENTAL ELLA. So I decided with my credit from Boohoo to try one out and ok, I'm in love, why didn't I try them sooner?! I want to show you in this post how you can style shirts super easy.

 The shirt I decided to style isn't a PJ one but a wrap one called The Freya Choker Detailed Shirt. I have always been obsessed with this particular detail and the V neck as I find it very flattering. This shirt is a choker styled one, again a massive trend at the moment and just completes the overall simplicity of this shirt. Of course I had to get it in black because you can pair black with pretty much anything. I was tempted to get the olive green shade but my heart will always be with black. (I tried to convince myself I tired).

I don't find the V neck too plunge compared to other clothing I have bought. I was wearing a sports bra on this day so you can see that a little bit but you cannot see when you wear a bra. I am someone who is very conscious of boobs falling out or your bra trying to steal the limelight, so don't worry this shirt passes the test. Another plus, the choker isn't tight and you can button it on the side to put it on.

(I apologise about the quality of these photos, don' t know why my camera has over exposed) I paired this shirt with grey high waisted jeans and of course, chunky boots (a must have). I tucked the shirt in as thats how I like to wear tops anyway and I think this works pretty well. The shirt is long enough to not become un tucked. 

So for £18 I'm very pleased with this shirt, super easy to style, dressy or casual! Let me know your thoughts x

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