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I LOVE Autumn, as you probably know, but I hate more than anything in this world being cold, my body cannot deal with it, and I don't really help the situation as finding nice jumpers and 'warm' stuff isn't always the prettiest (I find anyway).

I've wanted a jumper dress and knee high boots ALL MONTH, but I'm just not having a successful shopping month, you know when you nothing fits properly?? and you order more and more stuff and end up sending it all back THREE WEEKS IN A ROW, so not been good at all. If anyone can link me any tight fitted knee high boots PLEASE LEMME KNOW. In this post sadly I don't have the boots (heartbroken) but I do have a jumper dress so if your interested in this dress, carry on reading. 

This jumper dress is from Sea Salt, its really hard to find ones that compliment my figure and not make me look like I'm wearing a bin bag, so I'm super happy with how this fits. Its fairly short but not too short that your conscious of your bum being on show. I love plain colours that you can pair with colourful tights, this would look perf with bright thick winter tights. This would look ten zillion times better paired with Knee high boots but until I find some, its gonna have to remain my cute little ankleys. 

I am completely obsessed with the fact this is a roll neck dress, I never thought I would pull this style neckline off as didn't want to look like a turtle, but I think its fairly easy to pull off. This is also super cosy for winter and its just mega mega cute. 

And guess what! You can STILL get away with floppy hats this season, so don't think they are just for summer, they look super cute with dresses and boots!

Stay tuned to my blog and Youtube this week as I will be posting more new buys and hopefully (fingers crossed) be creating an Autumn Lookbook in the woods.

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