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LQ Liquid Health (skin, hair and nails)

For this post I collaborated with LQ, you may have heard of this brand you might not have? Let me say as usual, I'm always sceptical of trying new products and will not recommend them to you without an honest review.

So for the last month everyday I have been drinking a 50ml bottle of supplements that benefit your skin, hair and nails. Firstly I would like to point out this company is very much legit and you can purchase their products from Boots and Holland and Barrett, so if you're sceptical about trying this, check out the reviews on those sites.

The product contains, marine collagen, Hylauronic acid, Resveratrol, Silicon, Selenium and Vitamins (a lot of unusual words for me but the stuff has done the job and I did research before drinking). The taste is an acquired one, both sweet and sour leaving a bit of an after taste, not the nicest I've drank but not the worst. I would point out always research ingredients as you may be allergic to something, research is always important and the safest option!)
In terms of cost you can purchase a box of ten bottles for £29.99, seems pricey right? Well firstly there is always a 3 for 2 offer on Boots which makes it less expensive in the long run. BUT if you're aiming to feel better in yourself with better looking nails, shinier hair and clearer skin, why not try something more on the high end? 

As I have said in previous posts, I find the higher end products are pricey but do make the difference, rather than spending money on cheaper products (don't get me wrong they are just as good, but if you want to concentrate on health and skin, I always find higher end is better.

Overall after taking this everyday for a month, I noticed huge changes in the strength of my hair as its quite weak usually and how my skin seemed to be a lot clearer. So would I recommend? YES. If you want fast effects then this is the product for you, definitely go check out the product reviews on Boots as well, as a lot of them will confirm how fast working this product is.

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