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Motivated to staying fit and routines?

Exercise can seem SUCH a chore, trust me I get it, BUT recently I have found a way to work out and keep a routine that fits my daily lifestyle perfectly. A quick disclaimer, I don't excessively work out ,because I don't believe you should have to unless you desire to, I don't watch what I eat either, I just enjoy a quick nightly routine and hopefully I'll motivate you to get into one with anything.

I think its really dangerous as a teenage girl to become obsessive with weight and the way you look. Sadly we do and it seems unstoppable after all we see is stick thin models in glossy magazines. Don't be fooled, not all women look like that, and just because some do, doesn't mean that should be your goal. As long as you stay healthy and happy thats all that is important. Luckily I've never been concerned about my weight but have squatted since I was 17, the only sort of exercise routine I got myself into. 

I've only got into routines recently and I think its really important to keeping a motivated and happy lifestyle and feeling good about yourself. 

You can spend hours on youtube looking at different exercise routines and they are all very full on. I wouldn't recommend doing these every day, as you can become a bit obsessive which is what happened to me over summer and I ended up passing out. I always think the gym is the safest and best place to do a work out, just don't over do it. You won't see improvements straight away and that's ok, stay motivated and you will achieve your goal, but please do not become fixated with exercising.

The way I now work out if you can even call it a 'work out' is 100 squats and 50 sit ups five nights a week. This is a bit extreme I know but a routine keeps you happy and on your toes. It only takes around 15 mins and that is all I do. This keeps my stomach and bum toned and to be honest I'm not bothered about toning or good bodies, I just like the adreline and energy you get from working out. But please do not become obsessive or dive straight into a million squats. The only reason I am able to do that many is because I've trained myself over 4 years, start on 20, then go to 50, then to 70 and then the last push a 100.

I find getting into a routine with pretty much everything improves my happiness and well being overall. It is hard to stay motivated sometimes, but setting goals and having a strict routine you follow daily like eating breakfast, lunch and dinner soon becomes part of your daily routine. Not only am I focusing on fitness but a skin routine, hair and onto being healthy (the trickiest part).

My tips for you to stay motivated and get into routines?
-Surround yourself with positive ambitious people
-Don't stay up late every night
-Don't constantly put yourself down
-Drink lots of water and try and be healthy
-Write lists of things you want to achieve daily

Trust me get into routines like going to sleep earlier, remembering to take your makeup off or maybe its a routine of taking time out each day to stay in touch with loved ones. Routines keep you motivated and help you feel better about yourself. 

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