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Slay Halloween with Boohoo

As a blogger don't you love receiving packages or mail, makes me so excited! So I was over the moon yesterday when I received a surprise package from Boohoo, being in lectures 9-9 on a Monday, this definitely cheered me up. As Halloween is fast approaching, instead of dressing as the generic cat, have a lil browse on Boohoo and slay this upcoming Halloween. 

Sadly I won't be participating in Halloween this year and that actually makes me feel old and sad, however thats not because I don't want to, I WOULD LOVE TO WEAR THIS SKELETON BODY SUIT, but adult life gets in the way sometimes and your girl is on work experience all week, so no late night halloween parties for me (how tragic).

Boohoo kindly set me a bag filled with sweets and a skeleton body suit. Bodysuits are something that I clearly love as they pretty much take up 90% of my wardrobe, just find them so flattering. I'm never creative at Halloween and typical the year I'm sent something good to wear, can't do anything with it. I would pair this bodysuit with a little leather skirt and some boots, the body is the main part of the outfit so you wouldn't want to go too out there with an eye catching skirt. 

So the body suit itself has long sleeves, a scoop low back and a fairly high neckline. Its not a figure hugging one but does compliment you in the right areas and is very comfortable (something I definitely look for in a bodysuit). I'm just in love with the detail and simplicity and think anyone could easily slay this for Halloween. 

If you're a bit stuck for outfit ideas Boohoo have bodysuits, crop tops, dresses, skirts and jumpsuits for you to choose from. You can be a skeleton, a nurse, a cat, a pumpkin, the list is endless, so here are some of my faves.

If you still wanna be fashionable and not go too overboard or over the top then a dress like this is perfect for you, still has a halloween vibe but fits the club feel more.

Again, staying fashionable and simple these leggings paired with a stylish crop top work perfectly and fit the vibe.

None of the outfits are over expensive all very affordable and in STUDENT budget, no need to panic. So maybe venture out this year or stay fashionable but still fit the theme. 


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