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Boohoo's Press Day

Yesterday was my first ever press day! Its kind of surreal that I got to attend an event like that let alone be an ambassador, definitely a pat on the back moment. So I was invited to Boohoo's press day, a show case of their next seasonal launch of spring and summer clothing and my god some of the pieces were BEAUTIFUL. 

First up is my OOTD, I had no idea what you even wear to an event like this, so being a typical girl I thought jeans and a nice top (bodysuit). So as usual wearing my beloved Topshop high waisted Joni jeans and my newest addition to my bodysuit collection, this perfect velvet bodysuit. IN LOVE. Paired with my sock boots and this mega cute winter coat I purchased recently (I'll show you in an upcoming blog post).

The colours for the upcoming season are PERFECT, pink, pink, pink and lots of sparkles?? It was a real mix of clothing and styles which is what I love, embroidery is still very much on trend as well as some really cute beach wear pieces. Honestly it was all to die for!

This was the dress on every girls insta today, I don't think I have ever seen something so pretty. As this range is about spring floral is obviously huge as well as sheer dresses, still very much about layering which is super on trend now. Imagine this dress in the summer tho, perfect. Not sure exactly what I would style under it but even if it was just hung in my room I would be happy. 

Slip dresses are still very much in, I didn't expect so much glitter and sequins for spring but I'm totally loving it. 

I'm also loving the tropical theme, would totally wear this sheer mesh parrot over lay. As you can tell such a range of colours, don't know if I could pull off orange but liking it. 

My favourite thing about summery clothing is the lace and floral dresses and playsuits and just really refreshing pastel colours. Totally loving these blush pink and baby blue shades. 

So I'm completely obsessing over the sequins and pink shades, see anything you liked? Let me know x

                                      (Me attempting to pose)

Hope you've enjoyed this post! And thank you Boohoo for inviting me x

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