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Don't wish your teenage years away

Being a teenager can seem like the best thing in the world and at the same time the complete WORST. I think we all go through a love/hate relationship with our teen years but like me you may have hated the majority of it and really regret it, here's why you shouldn't.

As I have said in previous posts I was always the girl with low self esteem, no confidence, 'shy', moody, the list goes on and on, pretty much everything negative. I didn't have a close group of friends till I was 17 and I used to dream and beg for the day where I would be in my twenties and loving life. 
However now I am fast approaching my twenties, I regret wishing away my youth, because being a teenager is probably the easiest stage in life. The school part isn't easy and the hard concept of learning not everyone likes you ,again isn't easy. But as a teenager you have a roof over your head, you have parents looking after you 24/7, cooking dinners, cleaning around you and until you move away from home and become an 'adult' its really difficult to learn how to be independent and not feel alone. 

This week I have been quite poorly and also on a work placement, something even more terrifying. Going into the adult world scares me very much, I'm not the sort of person to ask for help because I'm scared of looking stupid, but this week on my placement I have tried my absolute hardest to impress my employers and push myself out of my confidence zone.

My advice to you is do as much as you can in your teenage years, I don't mean go travel the world, I mean the very simple things like learning to cook healthy, learning to drive, learning how to do the washing, going to the doctors on your own, managing money. All those sort of 'adult' things I would advise you to try as soon as possible, because if you don't start being a lil independent you become very reliant on your parents and the people around you to constantly do things for you and support you. Luckily I have always been quite independent, but I am the sort of person to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone so that it becomes easier to face new tasks.

Enjoy your teens, don't throw them away because you feel ugly, worthless, not successful or you have no idea what your doing with your future. It will all work out I promise. As teenagers we put too much pressure on ourselves to do well and be happy and the moment you start realising that life isn't always perfect, you will get on just fine.

Go out with friends, have parties, drink (but not too much and definitely not if you don't want to), go on spontaneous days out, tell the people closest to you that you love them (as teenagers we tend to push our family away) don't do this.

Your teenage years are the easiest, not emotionally because its all a massive learning curve, but I would much rather be 15 again and not really have to worry about adult stuff.

So have fun with your friends, laugh a lot and don't hate on life x

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