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How I maintain naturally long nails?

I always get asked where I get my nails done and get a very puzzled face when I tell them they are my own. I have only ever had my nails done once (I know tragic) but no these are not acrylics they are all mine, something I'm proud of.

I have always been obsessed with having nice nails, I don't remember the last time they were bare (please let your nails breathe) something I don't do a lot of. I never really went through a biting the nail stage, I saw my mum had nice long nails, so I think that's why I started growing mine from a young age???

As I have been growing mine properly now since about 12? They are very strong and the thumb nails are only the ones that really snap off. WE ALL KNOW THE PAIN OF THAT. That's the worst thing about having long nails, when they break god do they kill and I also weep from the loss :)

So how do I maintain them? I only trim them when they are extra long or about to break off, they don't grow much longer than the length they are now. My number 1 tip is NO BITING! 

Drink plenty of water
Eat healthy
I don't really do anything hefty with my hands, but I have found washing up weakens them so much!
Use oils to strengthen the nail
Keep them manicured, files are so cheap to buy just to keep them in shape
Don't lose hope! Its like growing your hair long, a very long, tedious process but a good ending :)

After my last post I received some comments on my nail varnish, I am wearing N07 Gel finish in the shade Mocha. I would highly recommend N07 nail varnishes they never fail to disappoint me, so easy to apply and the brush is perfect size for application. However they are on the more pricey side of £7, but this lasts a good week, hardly chipping. I would rather spend money on a more expensive nail varnish than one that chips and needs re painting constantly. I also love having shiny nails, as they look like you've had them properly done. So definitely go check out No7 range x

So yes October and November have been a very pink season for me! I am just in love with the different shades. 

So don't lose hope with growing your nails, I always find if you stop focusing on things in depth they grow faster and you live a stress free life x

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