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Jumper dresses and sock boots?

This is my new go to autumn/winter look, but with this current drizzly weather and ice cold wind I think we have definitely reached winter..sigh. I've put a lil OOTD for you today featuring my new boohoo buys and my new winter coat (help I'm obsessed). 

The jumper dress I am wearing is my new fave thing, so easy to just throw on with a pair of boots and it looks like you've made loads of effort. Of course I had to get it in black because black is my life and what does black not go with?


I am also totally loving roll necks at the moment, one they are SUPER cosy and warm, TWO they just make your outfit a lil more interesting and pretty. Why not add a scarf as well, I love tartan and black, this scarf is like a blanket. I got it from Newlook for £10 last year, so if you want chunky blanket scarves, Newlook is your girl. 

This dress is fairly fitted but not skin tight which I like more for the daytime. Its also not too short or too long, just a perfect length which comes just above the knees? Depends on how long your legs are, I mean I'm miss lanky.  And yes don't fret I will get onto those beautiful shoes you can see. 

So if you wanna get your hands on this beauty here is the link:

Secondly my new winter coat, LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY. I am completely obsessed and its so god damn warm! I was so lucky to even get one of these, it was on the last chance rail in Topshop and it was a size 8, maybe a God does exist because miracles like that never happen. It was £79 very pricey but so worth it as Topshop coats last years, so I'm happy to pay loads. 

I don't even know what this style of coat is called? But its suede with a soft sheepskin kind of inside? Haha I really don't know how to describe it JUST SUPER COSY. I was worried I wasn't going to suit this, I've been obsessing for months to find one but just didn't think I would be able to pull it off. 

I wouldn't usually go for a brown coat but I am totally loving this one, also gives me those vintagey vibes. 

Check out Boohoo's alternative which is also a tonne cheaper!

Now my obsession, I know I say that about everything. BUT look at these beauties, I have already done a post on these but they need even more recognition. Just a simple classic sock boot with a metallic gold heel for £30! I would definitely recommend you checking out Boohoo's booties, they are super affordable and just classy!

These boots go with literally everything, so comfy, not too high and perfect for daytime or night-time wear. Definitely been over wearing these recently.

So I really hope you've enjoyed this OOTD, let me know what your favourite was x

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