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Jumpers and leather skirts?

As you all know I'm in love with pink MAJORLY this season, especially baby pink so when I saw this beauty on Boohoo I instantly fell in love. Today's post is about pairing jumpers with your leather skirt (typically what you would wear on a night out). BUT it can be done girls.

We firstly need to move away from the idea leather skirts look trashy in the daytime because they really don't. It depends what you pair them with but I think if anything they look stylish.

The jumper I am wearing is Boohoo, its a funnel neck, a style I've never experimented with before,  did try and take a photo of the style but my neck looked so odd! Google the style and you will see they are quite hard to photograph, but in person look good. Jumpers are essentials for this time of the year and if you're like me and want to still be stylish and rock a jumper, stop fretting about the jumper and focus on your bottom half. The trick is nice boots and a cute skirt and if you shop at the right places BOOHOO, these will be very affordable. 

If you want this cosy jumper to wrap up with this winter then the link is and its only £18 which is even better for a good quality jumper. My leather skirt is from ASOS, I think it was £30, I'm aware you can't see much of it, 1) my legs are extremely long so makes things look even shorter, 2) the jumper is fairly over sized on me. 

I'm just loving this look at the moment especially with my heeled boots, its just simple, hardly any effort but you look dressy (win win situation).

                                       I hope you've liked this OOTD x

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