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Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave Cream Review

Another collaboration today! I was fortunate to receive this lush product from Paul Mitchell.  I'm pretty sure you've all heard of Paul Mitchell and I was super super excited that they wanted to work with me. The product I was sent is a cream that creates the ultimate wave look, so if you are a wavy/curly hair lover and want to stop using heat and achieve natural heat-less waves, then this is your girl. 

So I'm one of those people who have an in-between hair type, by this I mean mine is naturally wavy but not near enough curly or acceptable to be seen in public with. I wanted to try Paul Mitchell's Ultimate Wave cream as I read a tonne of positive reviews of how it helps maintain your waves/curls. This product would obviously work a million times better on someone with naturally curly hair who wants to maintain their curls, but it also did justice to my wavy hair.

This cream is perfect if you're looking for a frizz free style, something I am always trying to get on top of, there's nothing worse than frizz! To use this product all you need to do is apply to damp hair in separate sections and leave to dry.

The cream isn't greasy, something again I'm always very weary of, instead its very nourishing on your ends and creates perfect waves and another huge bonus it doesn't give that 'wet' look, which a lot of creams tend to do.

So how did I find it? I was impressed with the overall results of this cream as many say amazing things but don't actually do them, so this was one of the first that actually did its job, so well done Paul Mitchell. The look I achieved was a natural loose waves that were acceptable enough not to use a curling iron on. The price tends to range depending on where you get it from, but is priced around £10-13, which may seem on the expensive side of life but it is really worth it and worth it for the future of your hairs health. 

The less heat you use on your hair obviously the healthier it will be, so I definitely recommend creams like this so you don't have to apply heat and constantly get a hair cut. 

You can purchase this product from a range of salons or online at places like Amazon.

So thank you very much to Paul Mitchell for sending me out this lush product! If you want to see other brands I have collaborated with this month then make sure to check out my Youtube video of my first impressions x 

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