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Sock Boots

I have a new obsession girls..SOCK BOOTS. I could never find my perfect knee high boots thanks to having skinny legs, none were flattering or stayed up, so if you know any PLEASE SEND ME A LINK!! However I have found my perfect alternative for now, a pair I've been eyeing up a while and yes they are a tad GLAM for me.

So if you're struggling like me to find perfect fitted knee high boots, then play safe and grab yourself a pair of sock boots. This style of boot is so flattering, classy and just simple, I am totally obsessed. This pair of booties are from the beloved Boohoo for only £30! 

I was drawn to this particular pair because of the metallic heel, its so perfect! Now these are fairly high but SUPER COMFY! Can you believe that??? These are like feathers on your feet. As I have said previously, with Boohoo shoe sizing I would always go a size up than your normal size (that may just be the case for me but I have found a few other girls who have said the same thing).

The only thing I would say with the heel is don't get upset, they do scratch easily, I have tried my hardest to be careful not to damage them but sadly the heel can get scratched easily, so don't get too down hearted about that ITS OK I FEEL YOU.

These boots are Suede material so do get a bit grubby easily, so make sure to take extra care with them. I'm not a huge fan of leather boots and tend to get all my boots in this material, I just feel it looks nicer than shiny leather (but that's just me). 

If you want to get your hands on these beauties here's the link:

Paired with a jumper dress and you have a perf OOTD. These boots literally go with anything, I am obsessing over jumper dresses and sock boots at the moment. Let me know what your obsession is this season x

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