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Timeless Truth Face Masks Review

I have an exciting collaboration post for you today! I was kindly sent a face mask to review from a lovely company called Timeless Truth, I will leave their links later on in the post, but if you're a huge face mask lover like me and after a long week of lectures need to unwind, then this post is for you.

I am always very sceptical of putting face masks on my skin because its EXTREMELY sensitive and instead of replenishing and refreshing my skin I end up with very sore skin ( so the complete opposite). However I did my research before contacting this company and I've had no allergic reaction or breakouts from trying their mask, so super happy!

I tried the Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask, part of the Fusion range. The reason I went for this one is simply because it said brightening, which is how I want my skin to look. They have a range of masks for you to try out, I definitely want to get my hands on the Deep Sea Water Extract Moisturising Mask. So if you're after a brightening, moisturising, revitalising or soothing mask then this company is your best match and for only £4.90, a very good price for a decent, high quality mask that does its job. 

Can we also appreciate how Instagramable the packaging is?! So you're probably wondering how I found the mask, well I absolutely loved it. Its deadline week at Uni and I needed something to help me relax, this worked a treat, it was so moisturising and cool on my face. After taking it off, my skin felt so moisturised and soft but also looked glowing and just super healthy again. The serum didn't irritate my skin and I left it on for around 10 minutes, so very pleased with the outcome.

You can always put the sachet in the fridge for it to be even cooler before application or if you want it to be extra pampering put it in warm water before application. 

Unlike some face masks you can get that you apply with your hands, this is an actual mask made from fabric and one that easily shapes around your face. I didn't find the application hard at all, it fitted the areas well, not sliding off my face or just feeling relatively uncomfortable. 

So if you want your skin to feel moisturised and alive again I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one of these masks. There are two ranges for you to pick from, the Fusion Range are masks that don't use cream or gel but instead are 'face shaped' for easier application. The other range are the Luxury Masks which are made from state of the art fibres, including elastic and silk.  So a good range for you to choose from and affordable! Which is something we all like. 


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