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Coping Mechanisms For Social Anxiety?

One thing I love about blogging is how helpful you can be to someone who may really need it. A lot of us, including myself have found ourselves sat dwelling on something thinking we are the only person going through it, you're never alone and that's why I love posting advice. My Body Dysmorphia post seemed to help and relate to a lot of people, it was so nice to talk to you all and know I could help in someway. Today I want to talk about social anxiety and what you can do to make yourself feel calmer in whatever situation you're in. 

So if social anxiety is a completely alien term to you then I probably would say count yourself lucky as many many of us suffer from different aspects of social anxiety and different levels of it. The main definition for it is being afraid of social situations. 

Now as usual I like to share things I have encountered and how I've dealt or are still dealing with. I would say I am a very anxious person BUT I'm also quite good at hiding the fact some things make me want to jump off a cliff. I will always push myself to do things out of my comfort zone and it takes ALOT of courage, tears and lack of sleep to persuade myself whatever the situation is I CAN DO IT. Anxiety is an awful thing and it prevents you from doing things and makes you think you are pretty much incapable of not doing anything. This is the mindset you need to try your hardest to refrain from and kick anxieties ass. When we panic in certain situations we freak our brain out as well which causes us to panic even more.

1) Seems the most obvious but when we stress and panic about a situation we forget it, BREATHE. The only way to calm yourself down in a situation you feel socially awkward in or just overwhelmed with anxiety is to breathe.
2) Relax, you have to tell your brain to stop freaking out and try and loosen your body posture, if your mind is stressing so will your body and this is what causes a huge meltdown.
3) Distraction, going over and over a situation in your head before it happens is very common with social anxiety, doing this gets you nowhere and you just end up more upset and stressed before its even happened. Stop focusing on the negative aspects and look at the positives of the situation. 

For me public speaking is a HUGE fear and also a very common fear to a lot of people. If I have a presentation coming up I make myself so stressed and upset I literally could throw up from the fear. I don't know what it is but people staring at me sets me over the edge and end up shutting down and not being able to even make a squeak out of my voice. I can't even tell you how much I resent presentations, if they didn't exist this world would be a much happier place but sadly there will be points in our life where we have to do public speaking, this could be a meeting at work, pretty much whatever job you go into.

I'm completely with you on understanding how terrifying it is to get up and there and not only be judged for what you are saying but how you present yourself. These are the times I feel the most social anxiety. As a person I wouldn't say I'm that socially awkward, I enjoy lots of social situations but just not when the spotlight is on me or I'm being asked something I have no clue on.

If you are like me and its the fear of being judged the best thing you can do is try and forget the people in front of you exist, don't even look at them, yes they always say eye contact is good but I get you, don't focus on them look somewhere else in the room. The other thing you need to remember is a lot of them will be in the same boat, hardly anyone will enjoy public speaking so again don't feel alone!

But if you do suffer with more extreme social anxieties, that might be being out in public, clubbing, school or just daily life, my advice to you is to focus on the good things of that situation, your mind will tell you there are none, but there will be plenty.

I hope this post is a little insightful and helps you x

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