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Feeling insecure? Need some tips?

I don't know one person that hasn't ever felt insecure, its completely natural and normal thing to feel, but a lot of us don't open up about our insecurities so lets put an end to the stigma and speak out about it.

I want to give you some tips if you find yourself feeling super insecure and its stopping you from doing something, even if its something little like going for coffee with friends. You can be insecure about anything but I think for most of us its our physical appearance, if we get a ww3 outbreak on our face, we've put on a bit of weight, need a haircut, bad eyebrow day etc etc. Its totally fine to feel insecure about these things but the main point you need to realise is NO ONE NOTICES UNLESS YOU SAY SOMETHING. Your insecurities aren't printed on your face, no one can read how you feel unless you say, insecurities are invisible until you bring attention to them. 

I'm not saying its a bad thing to talk about your insecurities at all, I think everyone should open up and never bottle anything up, but if its something your insecure about others seeing or knowing then try your hardest not to bring attention to it. 

I remember at school I would have a huge spot and I wouldn't shut up about it to my friends, they wouldn't have even said anything until I had said so. So number 1, don't draw attention to whatever you feel insecure about. Don't keep covering your face, talking about it or anything that highlights your insecurity, because trust me no one actually notices your insecurities until you point them out. 

Body language is another HUGE give away if your feeling insecure, I know when I walk down the street and I'm on my own I feel like the entire planet is watching me and everyone stares as they walk past, that's because I'm super insecure over my appearance and people can probably tell as my head is drooped, arms folded. So if your worried about drawing attention to yourself, raise your head high and walk like no one is there, don't pay attention to anyone.

DISTRACTION, when you feel insecure about something it plays on your mind the entire day you need to try your hardest to stop focusing because in reality its really not that bad!

Another situation you may feel insecure in is a relationship, relationships can be hard at times anyway but if you have major insecurities that your partner may cheat or leave you, you can in fact push them away. Its totally normal to feel jealous, but constantly getting upset or paranoid when your partner isn't with you isn't healthy, the best thing to do is voice your insecurities to one another but if he or she has told you a million times that nothing will ever happen, then trust them! and most importantly remember they are with you for a reason, so stop fretting about other people.

SELF LOVE, your not ugly, your not fat, your not anything bad that you think you are, insecurities and anxiety are very similar, its like a little person in your head stopping you from doing things, but trust me there is nothing wrong with the way you look.

If you feel insecure I always say push yourself out of your comfort zone and push away whatever is stopping you, because that feeling once you have done it is incredible and once you get into that mindset that an insecurity can't beat you, you will feel 110% different about yourself. 

I hope this post helps! 

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