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My hair care recommendations?

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite hair care brands that I have used RELIGIOUSLY over the past few months. Having long hair can be a nightmare to maintain so if you struggle with maintaining yours then these are the products I use, that may help you. 

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I recently purchased one of OGX's conditioners, I am someone who over uses conditioner, I love having super soft hair and keeping it healthy and hydrated. I'm always trying new ones as I can't ever have one favourite! I have fairly thin hair so always buy shampoos and conditioners that provide more of a thickness and volume, which drew me to this one. First of all I love the bottle its so picturesque and instagrammable, another thing I always look for!! This also smells incredible and my hair has never felt softer. So definitely recommend trying any of OGX's range. I'm a newbie to their stuff so let me know what you recommend and think.

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One word OBSESSED. I use TRESemme's shampoo and conditioner pretty much every time I wash my hair. Their range is more on the pricey side but trust me it does the job! I have never been more in love with a range. I do prefer their conditioners rather than their shampoos as my scalp gets super sensitive at times so have to be careful what I put on it, but cannot preach how much of a blessing this range is. 
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Another new buy, as I've said previously I always buy or look for products that provide thickness and volume. My mum recommended trying a mousse, something I've never tried before so I thought whats the harm in trying? You apply to damp hair and then after blow drying your hair should feel fuller and thicker. I can't say I've noticed HUGE changes but it has definitely provided a volume boost to my hair. One thing I will say is it can make your hair greasy, so be careful with how much you spray into your hands! No one is a fan of greasy hair. 

Hair care tips:
1) Drink plenty of water!! Make sure to have a glass before bed for sure!
2) Try and wash your hair twice a week max!
3) Trim dead ends every few months

Let me know some of your fave hair products x

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