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SO? Fragrance collaboration

Hello lovelies! Its a very hectic two weeks and having a tonne of uni works makes it even ten times harder to stay on top of my blog posts, but don't worry I will! I have a very exciting collaboration post with the UK's leading teen fragrance company, SO? I'm sure you all know this brand VERY WELL, it was a brand I used to love when I was younger and god knows why I haven't looked at their products in recent years because they smell even better. So as you can tell VERY HAPPY they wanted to work with me.

They very kindly sent me 2 body mists and their original staple spray. I absolutely love body mists more than sprays, one I think they look better and two, they smell better! Two of the mists sent to me are from their new range, can we just appreciate the bottles? I adore fruity smelling sprays they are just so refreshing and the scent seems to last longer. So this range features 6 new mists.

Which are:
White Petals
Fresh Musk
Vanilla Milkshake

From the two the sent me I would more than happily buy the entire range, watermelon being my absolute favourite. When your a student like me we can't really afford fancy perfumes and to be honest it doesn't bother me that I can't because I much prefer body mists and for only £1.98, you can't really go wrong with that. 

The Vanilla Milkshake is a very sweet scented spray and again the scent lasts for a good period of time. I have been asked for the last two weeks what am I wearing because it smells so nice, so very very pleased with these two!

Finally their original spray which don't get me wrong smells incredible, but I've never been a huge fan of sprays. The scent doesn't last as long and I find them a bit over powering and eye watering. So I definitely would recommend their new mists rather than their sprays, but this is all just personal opinion!

But what I do love about SO? is the affordability and the long lasting scent that everyone wants to know what it is. I hope you've enjoyed this collaboration, I certainly have and more than appreciate when brands want to collaborate with me.

I also would like to let my readers know for any new readers, I only collaborate and write posts for brands that I feel suit my blog and are genuinely decent products, I will always be a 100% honest about a product x

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