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Styling trousers?

My blog is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new trends, its OK to be scared of this! I wouldn't have dreamt of wearing trousers a few years ago, let alone attempted to pull them off! BUT, I want to show you how simple they are to wear and style, this was my OOTD for Christmas day.

First of all I want to apologise for the AWFUL background, I would love a pretty white wall but at home don't have that like uni. So for my Christmas day outfit I wanted to be comfortable yet stylish, I decided to pair these high waisted Boohoo trousers with an off shoulder Boohoo bodysuit. Black and red compliment each other without saying, red is also this seasons colour so it was a perfect pick and a good opportunity to combine the two. On my feet I have my beloved black Newlook sandals, I would love some metallic silver ones instead but can't have everything ayyy.
Wearing trousers always seemed such a daunting thing to me but never thought for one they would be so comfortable yet actually very easy to work with? I always go for high waisted fittings as I feel its more flattering than sitting on your hips, for me it compliments my figure more. I also don't like trousers or jeans being too long, I like to show a bit of ankle and leg and again think this is flattering, everyone obviously has their personal preferences with things like this. 

I am also loving the off shoulder style this month..if you can't already tell! I have now purchased 3 of these off shoulder bodysuits in different colours, anyone else do this? When you fall in love with something you want it in EVERY colour. They are just so easy to put on and not too tight! 

So let me know your views on wearing trousers? I would say they have mixed views, you either have a love or hate relationship towards them.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New year!

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