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10 little things in life you should appreciate

We all have days where we just want to stay in bed and hide under the covers from all the responsibilities we have in life, sometimes it can all just get too much and we kind of exist rather than actually live? So if your having a super down week or your feel very unmotivated, I have a list of things that I personally think are moments we should appreciate. 
1) Going for a walk on a frosty winter morning
This is one of my favourite things to do to clear my head, I feel super refreshed and motivated afterwards and sometimes you need to do this make you feel reality again. I especially love when the sky is bright blue on these mornings which it recently has been and it just makes me super happy. 

2) Late night drives
I don't know what it is but driving at night has always been one of my favourite things since being a little kid. Seeing all towns and cities lit up and the starry sky. I find this very therapeutic and relaxing as well if you're feeling down.

3) Lying in bed when its raining outside
Why is this so calming? I feel like these things are all very 'tumblr' but its strange how they can make you feel.

4)Spontaneous trips
Not everything in life needs to be planned. I always appreciate when someone wants to go somewhere with you, this might be to a city or something simple like a night-out, not planning is always the best feeling. 

5) Realising you have an extra 30 mins in bed
One of the best feelings ever, waking up before your alarm and getting to snuggle back down for another 30 mins before that lovely sound pounds through your head once again.

6) Laughing to the point you can't breathe
Is there anything better than laughing with friends but to the point you literally can't stop, I live for moments like that.

7) Listening to your music on full blast
I've done this since the age of 10, music has always been the only thing to help me de stress. Put in your headphones listen to spotify and just kind of forget the world exists. Or another fave of mine put your music on full blast in your room and pretend your a singer..don't even try and make out you've never done that. 

8)Talking to someone till the early hours of the morning
There is nothing better than the excitement you feel when you get in conversation with someone for hours and don't even realise how much time has passed. One of the best feelings.
9) Fresh sheets and shaven legs
I love when you've just had a bath, shaved your legs, then you have FRESH SHEETS, boys you are missing out on this moment in life.

10)When an animal finally trusts you
I am a huge animal lover and I have met many dogs and cats who don't want to be touched or even come near you because they are frightened, but when that barrier gets less and less and they begin to trust you its one of the best feelings ever.

So these are 10 little things I appreicate in life, let me know if you can relate, there are obviously so more so I may do a part 2 to this post!

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