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Black on Black?

Today's fashion post is pretty basic, a black on black OOTD. However, I wanted to show you how you can easily break the black up by wearing something thats embroidered. Huge on trend right now and I'm in love if you haven't already guessed? 

So the top part of this outfit is obviously the eye catching bit. I've never actually owned anything halter neck but I decided to experiment and venture out. So this is a beautiful embroidered halter neck bodysuit, of course its a bodysuit, you should know me by now. I hate HATE tops coming un-tucked, no thank you.

This bodysuit will be perfect for summer but I mainly wanted it to be fairly casual/dressy. It does enhance the side boob quite a bit if your a side boob gal like myself, which I'm not a huge fan of but I can deal with it. You also can't really wear a bra with this as its open back, but the embroidered part covers your nipples so no need to panic!

I want to apologise about how rank my back looks in this picture, backs are rank anyway but this is the most unflattering photo of mine. So you tie the bodysuit at the back and then the top. I think I should've got a size 6 as its a lil loose on me and I like things fairly skin tight, so if you purchase anything like this from Boohoo I would always go a size smaller. 

This angle always makes me look so tiny! I am 5'7, not hugely tall not this small haha!. I decided to pair this with black jeans and sock boots because they are just my outfit essentials, specially when its freezing cold. 

As always I want you to explore new trends, I never feel comfortable with boobs on show or an open back, but learning to love your body is so important! It will be a long way until I'm 100% confident within myself and my appearance but I hope from these posts it inspires you to feel more confident and try new clothes. Experimenting with your style can change how you feel about yourself so much, if you dress good you'll begin to forget about how rubbishy you feel on the inside and people will notice that!

*I'm a boohoo student ambassador so any clothes from boohoo I have been gifted*

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