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How to grow instagram followers?

Gaining followers on social media can be a very long process but all you need to do is be consistent, friendly and don't stress? So I'm going to give you some tips on how you can grow your insta following and work with brands.

Sadly it seems brands only ever want to work with people who have thousands of followers that are usually FAKE, god it angers me. The best way to spot someone who has bought their followers is by seeing how many likes they get, I've seen people with 10k who get less than 50 likes, doesn't add up does it? Its very frustrating, I constantly watch people grow over night by masses and I'm like HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT when you only follow 70 people. Don't fall into this trap, yes its easy and could save a lot of time but wouldn't you want to achieve something on your own? rather than cheating the system, you will soon get caught out. BUT its up to you, you can't fake success tho.

However its not always about your following that brands will want to work with you, it can depend on how you present yourself and your passion. I'm a clear example of this, I don't have a mass following on my Instagram account, I really wanted to become a Boohoo ambassador but the criteria said 2000 followers, I think I had just about a 1000 at the time. I didn't let this put me off however I did think there's no way I have any chance against all these insta gurus and models, but guess what I GOT PICKED. If your passionate enough about something you will get seen for that and not for how many followers you have, which leads me onto my first tip,

CONSISTENCY,I have only just started taking Instagram more seriously and doing this has increased my following. Don't pressurise yourself by having to post 4-5 times a day, yes some people manage this but I don't know how they have the time!! I envy them but I aim for 1-2 posts a day, just so my followers know I'm still alive. So try setting up a posting schedule.

THEME, themes look good, make your insta stand out and my god are they the most stressful thing in the world to keep up! But, as humans we are all attracted to pretty stuff, so having a nice flowing theme always works. But, again pressurising yourself gets you nowhere, so go at your own pace, its all a learning curve. I like to keep a white/green theme on mine and plenty of cacti and copper...

Follow accounts that are SIMILAR to you. I follow a tonne of bloggers accounts and fashion gurus, these are people I'm interested in, there's no point following accounts you have no interest in as one they probably won't follow you back and you become a ghost follower to them. Its easy to get carried away with this following and unfollowing game but don't get into it, you will gain followers easily without stressing or pressurising it to happen. 

Use APPS, my favourite being Facetune, this cost £3 I think, pretty expensive for an app but using this has increased my followers. You can whiten photos and just make your account look ten times more appealing. The majority of people who have white accounts are more fashion based but its completely up to you what look you want to go for.

Take a range of photos, don't randomise your theme too much, mine mainly consists of fashion and cacti, so try and keep your photos relatable to keep your audience interested! 

When you post something onto your insta make sure to share it onto your other platforms of social media to increase your following. I put my link in my twitter bio, doing this has also helped grow interest into my account. 

Finally the part you've been waiting for, how to work with brands? I constantly pitch messages to a range of brands using sites like social Berry, The Blogger Programme and Bloggers Required. I had huge success with getting to work with a range of brands in the last 6 months, the most exciting being Seventeen, Boohoo and Paul Mitchell. Make a good pitch, show your passion for the brand and be patient, don't pester but if you don't hear back in a week or so send another message and if you still aren't successful after that then apply for something else. You will get to work with someone, you just have to stay motivated and good things will happen, one month I was working with 6, something I never imagined and who doesn't love parcels?? 

I hope this post helps you out! Just don't stress, you will gain a following but at the end of the day its really not the most important thing in the world!

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