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How to stick to your new year resolutions?

Changing something in your life is hard enough, every week I would say to myself ok I'm going to be healthy this week, I'm going to achieve this and that and this would last a few days before I returned to my old self. That's why I always find new years resolutions work so well, it definitely takes motivation and a lot of will power but anyone can do it and I'm going to show you how easy it actually is! Make the changes now and your future will be ten times better x

My number one new years resolution was to be HEALTHY and by this I mean at least eating 3 pieces of fruit or veg a day. Might not seem a lot but previously I would have this much in a week, which is not good. So from the 1st of January I started adding 3 pieces everyday and do you know what? I thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE and change my mood drastically. No, I've never felt happier in myself and just good? Its amazing how different you can feel when you start eating right. I am still doing this everyday and I will continue this..hopefully forever now! 

My one tip with this is don't pressurise yourself, you don't have to go on this crazy strict diet, I'm still eating the exact same but adding the fruit and veg in. I have also restricted my sugar content as I did use to rely on sugar quite a lot and I'm definitely a chocoholic. 

I started an exercise routine around about last summer and I've pretty much stuck to it and built up my strength and how much I can do slowly.  I think with exercise a lot of us get carried away and try and achieve the end goal as quick as possible. For me there is no goal, I just want to maintain my shape and exercise is really good for releasing stress! So all I do 4 times a week is 100 squats and 60 sit ups, hardly anything compared to some of these gym girls, but this has toned me completely. I'm not obsessed with having a 'gym figure' my figure has always been something I'm confident about anyway, I just want to maintain it.

This takes me about 15-20 minutes, do this for a month and you will see huge changes, promise x

If you read my '2017 stop caring what others think' post, you would have seen I wrote about fake friends and just not caring? That's not as horrible as it sounds! When I say not care, I mean to stop caring what other people think of me. To wear what the hell I want, do what I want and raise my head when walking down the street. I've done all these things so far and trust me its made me want to be sick and extremely self conscious, but the more I do it, the less I will begin to care. With fake friends, I mean to stop trying with people that make no effort with me, its exhausting being the person who tries with people all the time and I've realised if you don't like me fair enough its not going to effect me. You have to focus on your own happiness and blur people out. 

Self love
The final thing I wanted to leave in 2016 was my hatred for my appearance, even tho as I've got older I've learnt to kind of accept myself but there were still plenty of days I couldn't leave the house or just cry for hours about it. I decided to put an end to it, look in the mirror and tell myself that I look fine, the more positive I've been about myself I've actually began to view myself in a different way which is a huge weight of my shoulders. I am still very self conscious but I'm getting better and hopefully by the end of the year I just won't care what I look like anymore?

So go out there, hold your head high, achieve your dreams and don't let anyone stand in your way. Start changing the little things now and your future self with thank you. 

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