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Is green the new black?

Maybe one day you won't see me posing outside this lovely green shed...I hope to god anyway. I would love to go on proper fashion shoots but sadly I don't have all the lush white buildings where I live like London does, so I apologise about that factor! Anyway today is another weekend OOTD. I have this lush Kahki frill off shoulder bodysuit, yes I'm obsessed, so if you're interested in this look carry on reading. 

Frills are huge on trend at the moment. When I first saw tops and bodysuits like this I wasn't very keen. However, I decided whats the harm in trying? I always think I won't suit things, but you always have to at least experiment with it! Thats what my fashion posts are all about, showing you that you can pretty much pull off and style anything, with the right MINDSET. Positive thinking girlies. 

I was scared this bodysuit would be puffy and make me feel like I'm wearing a curtain, you'll be pleased to know it does the opposite of this. Green seems to be this months colour, I don't really own anything green but I fell in love with this shade. Is green the new black? You can style this with pretty much anything, jeans, a denim or leather skirt, dressy or casual.

I just love how simple this bodysuit is,the frills add that lil extra detail, making it look like you've made loads of effort with this outfit. I styled it with my Topshop high waisted jeans and sock boots. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with colours that you wouldn't usually wear. I used to wear black head to toe and no thats not a crime but its nice to explore different colours and trends. 

So I really hope you like this look! Any clothes I wear are usually a size 8. Hope you've had a fab weekend! x

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*I'm an ambassador for Boohoo, therefore the clothes I style from Boohoo are what I'm gifted from my allowance with the brand*

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